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HP certification is a highly valuable and sought-after certification for IT professionals seeking to enhance their knowledge and expertise. HPE6-A84 exam is specifically designed to validate the skills required to configure and maintain the Aruba Certified Design Expert (ACDX) V8 platform, which is widely used by businesses around the world. These HPE6-A84 exam dumps questions are specifically designed to help you prepare for the exam by testing your knowledge and providing you with valuable insights into the types of questions that you will encounter. Test free HP HPE6-A84 exam questions below.

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1. Refer to the scenario.

A customer requires these rights for clients in the “medical-mobile” AOS firewall role on Aruba Mobility Controllers (MCs):

Permitted to receive IP addresses with DHCP

Permitted access to DNS services from and no other server

Permitted access to all subnets in the range except denied access to

Denied access to other subnets

Permitted access to the Internet

Denied access to the WLAN for a period of time if they send any SSH traffic

Denied access to the WLAN for a period of time if they send any Telnet traffic

Denied access to all high-risk websites

External devices should not be permitted to initiate sessions with “medical-mobile” clients, only send return traffic.

The exhibits below show the configuration for the role.

There are multiple issues with this configuration.

What is one change you must make to meet the scenario requirements? (In the options, rules in a policy are referenced from top to bottom. For example, “medical-mobile” rule 1 is “ipv4 any any svc-dhcp permit,” and rule 8 is “ipv4 any any any permit”.)

2. How does Aruba Central handle security for site-to-site connections between AOS 10 gateways?

3. Refer to the scenario.

A customer is migrating from on-prem AD to Azure AD as its sole domain solution. The customer also manages both wired and wireless devices with Microsoft Endpoint Manager (Intune).

The customer wants to improve security for the network edge. You are helping the customer design a ClearPass deployment for this purpose. Aruba network devices will authenticate wireless and wired clients to an Aruba ClearPass Policy Manager (CPPM) cluster (which uses version 6.10).

The customer has several requirements for authentication. The clients should only pass EAP-TLS authentication if a query to Azure AD shows that they have accounts in Azure AD. To further refine the clients’ privileges, ClearPass also should use information collected by Intune to make access control decisions.

You are planning to use Azure AD as the authentication source in 802.1X services.

What should you make sure that the customer understands is required?

4. A customer's admins have added RF Protect licenses and enabled WIDS for a customer's AOS 8-based solution. The customer wants to use the built-in capabilities of APs without deploying dedicated air monitors (AMs). Admins tested rogue AP detection by connecting an unauthorized wireless AP to a switch. The rogue AP was not detected even after several hours.

What is one point about which you should ask?

5. Refer to the scenario.

A customer has an Aruba ClearPass cluster. The customer has AOS-CX switches that implement 802.1X authentication to ClearPass Policy Manager (CPPM).

Switches are using local port-access policies.

The customer wants to start tunneling wired clients that pass user authentication only to an Aruba gateway cluster. The gateway cluster should assign these clients to the “eth-internet" role. The gateway should also handle assigning clients to their VLAN, which is VLAN 20.

The plan for the enforcement policy and profiles is shown below:

The gateway cluster has two gateways with these IP addresses:

• Gateway 1

o VLAN 4085 (system IP) =

o VLAN 20 (users) =

o VLAN 4094 (WAN) =

• Gateway 2

o VLAN 4085 (system IP) =

o VLAN 20 (users) =

o VLAN 4094 (WAN) =

• VRRP on VLAN 20 =

The customer requires high availability for the tunnels between the switches and the gateway cluster. If one gateway falls, the other gateway should take over its tunnels. Also, the switch should be able to discover the gateway cluster regardless of whether one of the gateways is in the cluster.

Assume that you are using the “myzone” name for the UBT zone.

Which is a valid minimal configuration for the AOS-CX port-access roles?

6. A customer has an AOS 10 architecture, which includes Aruba APs. Admins have recently enabled WIDS at the high level.

They also enabled alerts and email notifications for several events, as shown in the exhibit.

Admins are complaining that they are getting so many emails that they have to ignore them, so they are going to turn off all notifications.

What is one step you could recommend trying first?

7. Which element helps to lay the foundation for solid network security forensics?

8. A customer has an AOS 10 architecture, consisting of Aruba AP and AOS-CX switches, managed by Aruba Central. The customer wants to obtain information about the clients, such as their general category and OS.

What should you explain?

9. What is a common characteristic of a beacon between a compromised device and a command and control server?

10. Refer to the scenario.

A customer has asked you to review their AOS-CX switches for potential vulnerabilities.

The configuration for these switches is shown below:

What is one immediate remediation that you should recommend?



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