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Okta certification is a highly valuable and sought-after certification for IT professionals seeking to enhance their knowledge and expertise. Okta Certified Consultant exam is specifically designed to validate the skills required to configure and maintain the Level 3: Consultant platform, which is widely used by businesses around the world. These Okta Certified Consultant exam dumps questions are specifically designed to help you prepare for the exam by testing your knowledge and providing you with valuable insights into the types of questions that you will encounter. Test free Okta Okta Certified Consultant exam questions below.

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1. You cannot:

2. Per Okta Retention Policy, API calls of type GET cannot retrieve data older than:

3. Optional user account fields include a 'secondary email address' and a 'security image'.

4. Which is / are true about Okta ThreatInsight:

5. Can Okta rate-limit requests and if so, can it do it under different limits depending on the endpoint requested?

6. In order to successfully deploy an Advanced Server Access server, you must:

7. The "access token" is issued by the authorization server (Okta) in exchange for the grant.

8. In regards to OpenID Connect & OAuth 2.0 API, '/authorize' is the endpoint which has the following use:

9. Can you set up via API a limited and non-refreashable Okta session lifetime?

10. You can register multiple AD domains to a single Okta AD Agent, if:



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