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As new threats and vulnerabilities emerge, the 300-510 exam is updated to reflect the latest trends in CCNP Service Provider. By using 300-510 exam dumps questions, you can ensure that you're staying up-to-date with the latest exam content and are fully prepared to address new challenges in Implementing Cisco Service Provider Advanced Routing Solutions (SPRI). Cisco 300-510 exam dumps questions can help you optimize your preparation and ensure that you're fully prepared for the exam. Practice free Cisco 300-510 exam dumps questions below.

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1. What is the difference between RPL and route map actions?

2. How does SRv6 function on the control plane?

3. Refer to the exhibit.

VPN users that are connected to PE routers are facing network issues. Traffic that originates from CE1 drops before reaching CE2. An engineer finds no outgoing traffic statistics on PE1 and PE2 routers toward CE devices and finds that the PE1 router is running the older software image.

Which action must be implemented to resolve the issues?

4. Refer to the exhibit.

Company A established BGP sessions with several ISPs. A network engineer at the company must filter out all traffic except for routes that transit AS 152. The engineer configured the filtering policy “permit _152S_(_[0.9])” on R1, but after applying the configuration, the engineer notices that other routes are still visible .

Which action resolves the issue?

5. What are two differences between OSPF and IS-IS? (Choose two.)

6. Refer to the exhibit.

MPLS traffic from to is failing to pass over the link from R4 to R2.

The engineer verified that:

✑ Cisco Express Forwarding Is enabled on all routers.

✑ All routers reach all networks via OSPF.

✑ MPLS traffic from to is passing normally over the link from R1 to R2.

Which action resolves the issue?

7. Which command is used to enable BIDIR-PIM under global configuration mode for Cisco IOS XE Software?

8. Refer to the exhibit.

Routers R1, R2. R3, and R4 have been configured to run OSPF. and router R5 is running EIGRP Traffic from R1 to R5 is expected to pass via R4. but OSPF routing has calculated the best path via R3.

Which action corrects the problem?

9. Refer to the exhibit.

There is a BGP traffic path issue between Customer-1 and Customer-2 Users from Customer-2 have reported file transfer issues High utilization on the path between both customers causes many packet drops.

Which configuration resolves the issue?

10. Which feature provides service independence in service provider networks?



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