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As new threats and vulnerabilities emerge, the 37820X exam is updated to reflect the latest trends in ACDS. By using 37820X exam dumps questions, you can ensure that you're staying up-to-date with the latest exam content and are fully prepared to address new challenges in Avaya Midsize Solution Design Exam. Avaya 37820X exam dumps questions can help you optimize your preparation and ensure that you're fully prepared for the exam. Practice free Avaya 37820X exam dumps questions below.

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1. Midsize businesses face common market trends and needs related to different aspects such as workforce or cloud communications.

Which characteristic is an example of a workforce midsize segment trend?

2. Avaya Contact Center Select Remote Agents can use an Avaya Deskphone or Avaya soft client.

Which Avaya softclient is supported for Remote Agents on Avaya Contact Center Select (ACCS)?

3. A company's IT staff often works from remote locations.

What is required for them to manage the Avaya IP Office™ Platform remotely?

4. In an IP Office environment, which two can be run on the Vantage device? (Choose two.)

5. Refer to the Scenario: Bittersweet Coffee Company (BCC).

When responding to an RFP, it is common to propose an initial solution that meets only the minimum requirements of the RFP, and later to propose additional or enhanced products/services that you believe will best meet the customer's needs.

Assuming that you are providing the initial basic response to the BCC RFP, which product might not be needed, but could be Included in a subsequent response to provide additional functionality?

6. What are two reasons to use Voicemail Pro for recording? (Choose two.)

7. For an Avaya Spaces Basic level account, which statement Is true about the email address for Basic users?

8. In Powered by Offer, when Is Fallback Twinning to an external device provided?

9. For Avaya Equinox® Meetings Online, In addition to capacity differences, which feature Is only offered in the Pro VMR?

10. Current trends in the midsize segment can be grouped into four areas: IT (Information Technology), collaboration and engagement, workforce, and cloud communications.

In the area of cloud communications, which characteristic is associated with midsize businesses?



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