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If you're in the field of Vmware, you know how important it is to stay up-to-date with the latest knowledge and skills to protect your organization's networks and data. One way to do that is by obtaining VMware Certified Specialist - Cloud Foundation, specifically the 5V0-31.22 exam. While preparing for the 5V0-31.22 exam, you might consider using 5V0-31.22 dumps to help you familiarize yourself with the exam format and content. These 5V0-31.22 exam dumps questions can be an effective way to gauge your knowledge and identify areas where you may need additional study. Study online free 5V0-31.22 exam dumps below.

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1. An administrator is tasked with providing additional North-South throughput to the workloads hosted on overlay-backed networks in a VI Workload Domain stretched cluster. A two-node NSX Edge cluster was previously deployed through SDDC Manager before the cluster was stretched.

Which option is valid to add two nodes to the existing edge cluster while maintaining password rotation capability?

2. An architect is tasked with deploying a new VI Workload Domain cluster to support the HR system.

The default storage policy must satisfy the following requirements:

• Support two host failures

• Use the least amount of hosts

• Maximize user capacity

Which configuration will satisfy these requirements?

3. A VMware Cloud Foundation administrator is required to enable Workload Management (vSphere with Tanzu) on an existing workload domain cluster, which is currently licensed with a vSphere Enterprise Plus license.

Which action, if any, is required to complete this task?

4. Which two roles are provided by a local NSX Manager appliance? (Choose two.)

5. Which component is upgraded when using the SDDC Manager management domain upgrade workflow in VMware Cloud Foundation?

6. What is a supported function of the vSphere Lifecycle Manager (LCM) in VMware Cloud Foundation (VCF)?

7. The administrator downloads the bundles from SDDC Manager.

8. Which two configurations are part of the VMware Cloud Builder validation process? (Choose two.)

9. 1.A systems administrator needs to apply a custom ESXi image to a host using VMware Imaging Appliance (VIA).

Which statement is correct when preparing a host for imaging?

10. An administrator wants to scale an existing VMware Cloud Foundation (VCF) environment by adding a new VI Workload Domain.

Which two storage options can be used for the new VI Workload Domain? (Choose two.)



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