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As new threats and vulnerabilities emerge, the AD0-E559 exam is updated to reflect the latest trends in Adobe Marketo Engage. By using AD0-E559 exam dumps questions, you can ensure that you're staying up-to-date with the latest exam content and are fully prepared to address new challenges in Adobe Marketo Engage Business Practitioner Expert. Adobe AD0-E559 exam dumps questions can help you optimize your preparation and ensure that you're fully prepared for the exam. Practice free Adobe AD0-E559 exam dumps questions below.

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1. A marketer would like lo set an interesting moment once per day if a person has visited any web page that day, and they would like for the interesting moment to show which page each person has visited.

They have set their Smart Campaign up as follows:

Their interesting moments however did not show the web page each person had visited.

Why not?

2. A marketer conducted an A/B test and expected the new version to perform better than the original version. However, this did not occur.

What conclusion can the marketer make about these A/B test results?

3. Review the flow step from a smart campaign:

Which email will a person receive who has opened Email 1, but not Email 2?

4. Aya has finished building a webinar program in Adobe Marketo Engage and connected it to a Launchpoint partner. Webinar registration is being handled by an Adobe Marketo Engage landing page. During the quality assurance process, she visited the landing page and registered for the webinar for the first time, however, a confirmation email was not sent.

What are two places to troubleshoot? (Choose two.)

5. Keeghan has created, tested, and validated a new webhook for his team to use. A user then created a smart campaign in Marketing Activities to call this webhook for all members of a global List in the Database. The smart campaigns Status tab now shows "Completed (100 leads qualified)'. But when the user looks at the Results tab, he sees the Call Webhook action failed for all members of the global list.

Why did the webhook fail?

6. David has inherited a new Adobe Marketo Engage instance. He is doing some investigation and reporting to understand where all the new leads are coming from. He only wants a high-level view of the lead sources -- not a detailed view. He does not want to make any assumptions about the integrity of pre-existing smart campaign logic, etc. He would prefer to use system-managed fields since these are set in a robotic fashion and have no reliance on users.

What two fields would David use for this purpose? (Choose two.)

7. Sarah has logged in to her Adobe Marketo Engage Instance and realized that she can only view and access the Default Workspace. Sarah sent a request to the Adobe Marketo Engage Admin, Greg, to update her permissions so that she can also view and access the APJ Workspace.

What does Greg need to do in order to make this happen?

8. A marketer would like lo set a person to Email Invalid if they have three soft bounces within the last 90 days. They would like this to happen automatically and instantaneously after the third soft bounce.

What would the smart list section of their data management smart campaign look like?




9. Michael manages the Adobe Marketo Engage instance for his company. In order to ensure that each regional team can view and edit only their own programs, Michael has implemented Workspaces. The team recently hired an intern in the Asia Pacific Japan (APJ) region who will be responsible for cloning and preparing programs for launch, working strictly within the APJ Workspace. Custom Roles have not been set up in their Adobe Marketo Engage instance.

What is one step Michael must take in order to limit the intern's access to work strictly to the APJ Workspace?

10. Garrin is building a smart campaign with the goal of sending an automated alert to sales when a person fills out a form and clicks a link in an email. He wants the automated email to only be sent out if that person is not unsubscribed and is located in the United States or Canada.

To solve for this, Garrin built this smart list:

Given the smart list logic, did Garrin set the campaign up correctly to achieve his desired results?



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