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Passing the AD0-E718 certification exam can be challenging, which is why practicing with AD0-E718 questions can greatly increase your chances of success. Adobe AD0-E718 dumps questions help you become familiar with the exam format. The AD0-E718 questions are designed to mimic the actual exam, which means that you'll get a feel for the types of questions you'll encounter, the difficulty level, and the time limit. All the AD0-E718 exam dumps questions are the latest version for you to study. Test free AD0-E718 exam questions below.

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1. An Adobe Commerce Architect is asked by a merchant using B2B features to help with a configuration issue.

The Architect creates a test Company Account and wants to create Approval Rules for orders. The Approval Rules tab does not appear in the Company section in the Customer Account Menu when the Architect logs in using the Company Administrator account.

Which two steps must be taken to fix this issue? (Choose two.)

2. An Adobe Commerce store owner sets up a custom customer attribute "my.attribute" (type int).

An Architect needs to display customer-specific content on the home page to Customers with "my.attribute" greater than 3. The website is running Full Page Cache.

Using best practices, which two steps should the Architect take to implement these requirements? (Choose two.)

3. An Adobe Commerce Architect is supporting deployment and building tools for on-premises Adobe Commerce projects. The tool is executing build scripts on a centralized server and using an SSH connection to deploy to project servers.

A client reports that users cannot work with Admin Panel because the site breaks every time they change interface locale.

Considering maintainability, which solution should the Architect implement?

4. Due to a marketing campaign, a website is experiencing a very large number of simultaneously placed orders, which is affecting checkout performance. The website is in the production deploy mode.

Which two website settings can an Architect optimize to decrease the impact on checkout performance? (Choose two.)

5. A developer needs to uninstall two custom modules as well as the database data and schemas.

The developer uses the following command:

bin/magento module:uninstall Vendor_SampleMinimal Vendor_SampleModifyContent

When the command is run from CLI, the developer fails to remove the database schema and data defined in the module Uninstall class.

Which three requirements should the Architect recommend be checked to troubleshoot this issue? (Choose three.)

6. A company has an Adobe Commerce store. An attribute named "my.attribute" (type "text") is created to save each product's global ID that is shared between multiple systems.

Several months after going live, the values of "my.attribute" are all integer. This causes a problem for the other systems when those systems receive this data.

An Adobe Commerce Architect needs to recommend a solution to change the type of "my.attribute" from textXo int

Which two steps should the Architect take to achieve this? (Choose two.)

7. An Architect needs to create an additional regional UK website with its own website currency set to GBP in Adobe Commerce. An existing US website is using USD as a default base and website currency.

After the first week of sales in the new UK website, an administrator notices that all sales totals in Sales Orders report show £0.00.

How should this issue be resolved?

8. An Adobe Commerce Architect is working on a scanner that will pull prices from multiple external product feeds. The Architect has a list of vendors and decides to create new config file marketplacejeeds.xml.

Which three steps can the Architect take to ensure validation of the configuration files with unique validation rules for the individual and merged files? (Choose three.)

9. An Architect needs to integrate an Adobe Commerce store with a new Shipping Carrier. Cart data is sent to the Shipping Carrier's API to retrieve the price and display to the customer. After the feature is implemented on the store, the API hits its quota and returns the error "Too many requests". The Shipping Carrier warns the store about sending too many requests with the same content to the API.

In the carrier model, what should the Architect change to fix the problem?

10. An Adobe Commerce Architect notices that the product price index takes too long to execute. The store is configured with multiple websites and dozens of customer groups.

Which two ways can the Architect shorten the full price index execution time? (Choose two.)

A. Enable price index customer group merging for products without tier prices

B. Set Customer Share Customer Accounts Option to Global

C. Edit customer groups to exclude websites that they are not using

D. Set MaGE_INDEXER_THREADS_COUNT environment variable to enable parallel mode

E. Move catalog price_index indexer to another custom indexer group



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