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Obtaining the Certified Cloud Security Engineer (CCSE) 312-40 certification can help you demonstrate your expertise in EC-Council solutions and advance your career in related industry. Using 312-40 dumps as part of your study plan can help you identify knowledge gaps, improve your exam-taking skills, provide immediate feedback, and increase your chances of passing the 312-40 exam. EC-Council 312-40 exam free dumps questions are available below.

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1. 1.Ray Nicholson works as a senior cloud security engineer in TerraCloud Sec Pvt. Ltd. His organization deployed all applications in a cloud environment in various virtual machines. Using IDS, Ray identified that an attacker compromised a particular VM. He would like to limit the scope of the incident and protect other resources in the cloud.

If Ray turns off the VM, what will happen?

2. Tom Holland works as a cloud security engineer in an IT company located in Lansing, Michigan. His organization has adopted cloud-based services wherein user access, application, and data security are the responsibilities of the organization, and the OS, hypervisor, physical, infrastructure, and network security are the responsibilities of the cloud service provider.

Based on the aforementioned cloud security shared responsibilities, which of the following cloud computing service models is enforced in Tom's organization?

3. TetraSoft Pvt. Ltd. is an IT company that provides software and application services to numerous customers across the globe. In 2015, the organization migrated its applications and data from on-premises to the AWS cloud environment. The cloud security team of TetraSoft Pvt. Ltd. suspected that the EC2 instance that launched the core application of the organization is compromised. Given below are randomly arranged steps involved in the forensic acquisition of an EC2 instance.

In this scenario, when should the investigators ensure that a forensic instance is in the terminated state?

4. An organization wants to securely connect to the AWS environment with a speed of 20 Gbps directly through its data centers, branch offices, and colocation facilities to ensure that its customers can securely access public (objects stored in Amazon S3) and private (limited access features such as VPC) resources by bypassing the internet service providers in the path.

Which of the following AWS services can be helpful for the organization?

5. SevocSoft Private Ltd. is an IT company that develops software and applications for the banking sector. The security team of the organization found a security incident caused by misconfiguration in Infrastructure-as-Code (laC) templates. Upon further investigation, the security team found that the server configuration was built using a misconfigured laC template, which resulted in security breach and exploitation of the organizational cloud resources.

Which of the following would have prevented this security breach and exploitation?

6. Shell Solutions Pvt. Ltd. is an IT company that develops software products and services for BPO companies. The organization became a victim of a cybersecurity attack. Therefore, it migrated its applications and workloads from on-premises to a cloud environment. Immediately, the organization established an incident response team to prevent such incidents in the future. Using intrusion detection system and antimalware software, the incident response team detected a security incident and mitigated the attack. The team recovered the resources from the incident and identified various vulnerabilities and flaws in their cloud environment.

Which step of the incident response lifecycle includes the lessons learned from previous attacks and analyzes and documents the incident to understand what should be improved?

7. James Harden works as a cloud security engineer in an IT company. James' organization has adopted a RaaS architectural model in which the production application is placed in the cloud and the recovery or backup target is kept in the private data center.

Based on the given information, which RaaS architectural model is implemented in James' organization?

8. Terry Diab has an experience of 6 years as a cloud security engineer. She recently joined a multinational company as a senior cloud security engineer. Terry learned that there is a high probability that her organizational applications could be hacked and user data such as passwords, usernames, and account information can be exploited by an attacker. The organizational applications have not yet been hacked, but this issue requires urgent action. Therefore, Terry, along with her team, released a software update that is designed to resolve this problem instantly with a quick-release procedure. Terry successfully fixed the problem (bug) in the software product immediately without following the normal quality assurance procedures. Terry's team resolved the problem immediately on the live system with zero downtime for users.

Based on the given information, which of the following type of update was implemented by Terry?

9. The e-commerce platform observes overspending 15% to 30% due to unawareness of the mistakes in threat detection and security governance while using the services of its cloud provider AWS. It feels it requires a well-thought-out roadmap to improve its cloud journey.

How can the company accelerate its cloud journey with desired outcomes and business value?

10. Securelnfo Pvt. Ltd. has deployed all applications and data in the AWS cloud. The security team of this organization would like to examine the health of the organization's website regularly and switch (or failover) to a backup site if the primary website becomes unresponsive.

Which of the following AWS services can provide DNS failover capabilities and health checks to ensure the availability of the organization's website?



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