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Obtaining the Dell Storage D-PSC-DS-23 certification can help you demonstrate your expertise in DELL EMC solutions and advance your career in related industry. Using D-PSC-DS-23 dumps as part of your study plan can help you identify knowledge gaps, improve your exam-taking skills, provide immediate feedback, and increase your chances of passing the D-PSC-DS-23 exam. DELL EMC D-PSC-DS-23 exam free dumps questions are available below.

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1. A customer wants an N+3 protection level on their cluster.

What is the minimum number of nodes they need to achieve that level of protection?

2. How is the journal protected in Gen 6 hardware?

3. During an NDMP backup restore using ShallowCopy, a version check fails.

Which restore option should you switch to?

4. A customer wants to use their large Gen 6 Isilon cluster for ILM. All of their data is written to and read from a single file pool. They need to use multiple file pools, so slightly used data is stored on less expensive, large disks. Heavily used data is stored on a faster tier.

What would satisfy the customer’s needs?

5. You are asked to size a cluster for a file sharing environment. nfsstat indicates that no more than 10% of the requests are namespace operations (e.g. GETADDR, SETADDR). There will be 10,000 active Linux users, connecting over NFS.

Which cluster configuration would you recommend?

6. An Isilon cluster has four A200 nodes with 15, 12TB HDDs each. VHS is specified as four virtual drives or 15 percent of the node pool.

Which configuration would be used as reserved space for VHS?

7. We have been engaged by a research hospital to help upgrade their Isilon installation. They currently have 12 previous generation Isilon nodes with 200 TB of capacity and run on a 1Gbps network.

They currently have 6 Illumina Hi-Seq Sequencers and an HPC cluster to process data. They would like to expand Isilon to 2 PB of active data and 1 PB of archive data. They use a third party data and metadata management service (IRODs) to stage data for analysis. The Isilon cluster is mainly used for analysis work with the HPC cluster.

Before making any changes, the customer would like a graphical presentation of their existing array performance to present to management.

What is the best tool to gather this information?

8. A potential customer requires 800TB of usable capacity to store medical images for their network of health clinics.

The IT department has limited staff and currently manages four storage arrays from other vendors. During a meeting with the Director of IT, you learn that the company is planning to deploy a scale-out NAS solution from a competitor of EMC.

Which factors can demonstrate a lower TCO using Isilon?

9. You are called into an opportunity, you would like to get more information on the data skew of the filer. The customer has a supported filer.

What assessment tool would you use to generate this information?

10. A PowerScale cluster is configured with SmartConnect zones using dynamic IP address allocation. Failback is enabled.

If there is a node failure, what happens to the IP address?



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