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Obtaining the HCIE-WLAN H12-351_V1.0-ENU certification can help you demonstrate your expertise in Huawei solutions and advance your career in related industry. Using H12-351_V1.0-ENU dumps as part of your study plan can help you identify knowledge gaps, improve your exam-taking skills, provide immediate feedback, and increase your chances of passing the H12-351_V1.0-ENU exam. Huawei H12-351_V1.0-ENU exam free dumps questions are available below.

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1. Which of the following methods are used in IPsec to ensure secure transmission of service data on the network through encryption and authentication?

2. Which of the following key factors is used by the CloudCampus cloud management platform to determine the tenant to which a device belongs?

3. Which of the following statements about EAP relay and EAP termination are false? (Select All that apply)

A. In EAP termination mode, an access device encapsulates EAP packets sent by an 802. IX client Into RADIUS packets, without processing the data in the EAP packets.

B. In EAP relay mode, an access device extracts information from EAP packets, encapsulates the information into RADIUS packets, and sends the RADIUS packets to an authentication server.

C. In EAP termination mode, an access device extracts client authentication information from the EAP packets sent by a client and encapsulates the information using the standard RADIUS protocol. The access device supports only the EAP MD5-Challenge authentication method.

D. The EAP termination mode simplifies the processing on an access device and supports various authentication methods. However, this mode requires an authentication server to support EAP and have high processing capability.

4. After the HTTP domain name is entered in a browser, the user Is not redirected to the Portal URL.

Which of the followings is the possible cause for this failure? (Select All that Apply)

5. During a project lifecycle, the______ document needs to be output after the high level design be output after the low level design is complete. (Enter the acronyms in capital letters.)

6. Which of the following statements are true about data collection of IMaster NCE-Campuslnslght? (Select All that Apply)

7. Which of the following encapsulation formats are used for EAP termination in 802.1X authentication? (Select All that apply)

8. Which of the following tools are commonly used for WLAN network planning, acceptance, or health evaluation? (Select All that Apply)

9. Which of the following statements about WLAN roaming and signal strength Is false?

10. In a VRRP HSB scenario, if the VRRP preemption delay is set to a small value, which of the following problems may occur after a master/backup switchover? (Select All that apply)



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