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Obtaining the PMI Certification PMI-RMP certification can help you demonstrate your expertise in PMI solutions and advance your career in related industry. Using PMI-RMP dumps as part of your study plan can help you identify knowledge gaps, improve your exam-taking skills, provide immediate feedback, and increase your chances of passing the PMI-RMP exam. PMI PMI-RMP exam free dumps questions are available below.

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1. When approving the risk contingency budget for a project, the CEO notices each team has a different approach to report risks and their impacts. The CEO decides to create a new centralized risk management function to help resolve the problem.

How does centralizing the risk management function help resolve the problem?

2. A complex project that had hundreds of risks is almost done. The project manager is closing the risks as part of the closing process. One team member mentions that there are important documents to be updated.

Which document will need to be updated?

3. A risk manager of a complex project has identified a risk and believes a deeper understanding of the source and likelihood is necessary.

How should the risk manager proceed?

4. A project is at the final development stage. The test lead informs the risk manager that a key feature may not be testable due to changes in the environment

What should the risk manager do?

5. An agriculture government agency faces different challenges with farmers and landlords In implementing its ambitious growth strategy. The agency decided to establish an enterprise risk management unit to identify risks, analyze risks, and provide a handbook showing how to handle the surrounding uncertainty.

What should the risk management expert recommend the agency do first to identify risks and develop the handbook?

6. A project manager has just been assigned to a new project. The project manager has been tasked by the project sponsor to ensure the project risks are closely managed. The project manager starts with developing the risk management plan.

What is the expected outcome of developing the risk management plan?

7. A project manager works on a long-term and high visibility project at an organization that has a low risk appetite towards this project due to its impact on the company's business. The project sponsors follow up weekly with the project manager, who was just informed by one of the risk owners that the exposure from two high-impact risks are hitting the risk thresholds.

What should the project manager do next?

8. A large, land-based infrastructure project has begun. The project makes assumptions about the site conditions and has economic, technical, and environmental constraints

What should the project manager do next to determine risk impact of assumptions and constraints?

9. The project manager for project X was expecting the mobilization of critical equipment from

another project, project Y. However, a day before the mobilization was scheduled, another project manager notifies project X's project manager that the equipment would not be availablefor at least another month due to delayed activities for project Y. This has jeopardized meeting a critical milestone for project X.

How should project X's project manager avoid this situation in the future?

10. The project manager has completed four projects all with similar scope. The project manager has recently been assigned to start on a new project and believes some risks may occur again on this project.

What should the project manager do?



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