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Obtaining the Sales Professional Salesforce Sales Representative certification can help you demonstrate your expertise in Salesforce solutions and advance your career in related industry. Using Salesforce Sales Representative dumps as part of your study plan can help you identify knowledge gaps, improve your exam-taking skills, provide immediate feedback, and increase your chances of passing the Salesforce Sales Representative exam. Salesforce Salesforce Sales Representative exam free dumps questions are available below.

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1. Which sales quota measurement focuses on the end result rather than the relationship with the customer?

2. A sales representative wants to gain access to new buyers by leveraging people who are loyal to them, likely to recommend their solution, and well respected in their organization.

Which type of customer does the sales rep want to target?

3. A sales representative wants to drive the adoption of a new product with a customer.

How should the sales rep address the customer's question: "What's in it for me?"

4. A sales representative wants to track which opportunities in their pipeline contain items that customers need for an event next month.

How does tracking this help the sales rep manage risk?

5. A customer's order was sent to the incorrect warehouse for fulfillment. The order has yet to be fulfilled.

What should the sales representative check to fulfill the order through a different warehouse?

6. A sales representative has a pipeline with a mix of opportunities at various stages.

The sales rep wants to improve stage velocity.

What should the sales rep do to improve stage velocity?

7. A sales representative is engaging in a discovery conversation with a prospect.

Which approach should the sales rep take during this conversation?

8. A sales representative is preparing a presentation to showcase the value proposition of their solution to a prospect.

What should be the main objective of this presentation?

9. A sales representative has a prospect who is in discussions with multiple vendors about competing products. The sales rep is concerned the prospect might not remember the valuable benefits of the solution.

Which closure practice should the sales rep use to gain a commitment with this prospect?

10. What measure will yield the most actionable information about an organization's territory model success?



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