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The ARA-C01 SnowPro Advanced Architect Certification certification exam is challenging, and it's natural to feel anxious and nervous before taking the exam. Practicing with ARA-C01 dumps questions can help alleviate this anxiety by boosting your confidence. As you practice and become more familiar with the exam format and content, you'll feel more confident in your abilities, which can help you perform better on the actual ARA-C01 exam. Practicing with ARA-C01 questions can increase your chances of success in the certification exam. Practice free Snowflake ARA-C01 exam dumps below.

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1. A user can change object parameters using which of the following roles?

2. Which of the below commands will use warehouse credits?

3. What integration object should be used to place restrictions on where data may be exported?

4. Share the reader account's URL and credentials with the customer

5. An Architect is integrating an application that needs to read and write data to Snowflake without installing any additional software on the application server.

How can this requirement be met?

6. Which feature provides the capability to define an alternate cluster key for a table with an existing cluster key?

7. Which statements describe characteristics of the use of materialized views in Snowflake? (Choose two.)

8. A company has a source system that provides JSON records for various loT operations. The JSON Is loading directly into a persistent table with a variant field. The data Is quickly growing to 100s of millions of records and performance to becoming an issue. There is a generic access pattern that Is used to filter on the create_date key within the variant field.

What can be done to improve performance?

9. An Architect is designing a pipeline to stream event data into Snowflake using the Snowflake Kafka connector. The Architect’s highest priority is to configure the connector to stream data in the MOST cost-effective manner.

Which of the following is recommended for optimizing the cost associated with the Snowflake Kafka connector?

10. A large manufacturing company runs a dozen individual Snowflake accounts across its business divisions. The company wants to increase the level of data sharing to support supply chain optimizations and increase its purchasing leverage with multiple vendors.

The company’s Snowflake Architects need to design a solution that would allow the business divisions to decide what to share, while minimizing the level of effort spent on configuration and management. Most of the company divisions use Snowflake accounts in the same cloud deployments with a few exceptions for European-based divisions.

According to Snowflake recommended best practice, how should these requirements be met?



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