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PDP9 exam dumps questions are designed to simulate the actual exam. This means that you will get a feel for the types of questions you can expect to see on the exam, as well as the format and difficulty level. In addition, BCS Practitioner PDP9 dumps are often accompanied by detailed explanations and answers. This means that if you get a question wrong, you can learn from your mistake and understand why the correct answer is the right one. Test free online PDP9 exam dumps below.

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1. Two businesses decide to work together to sell their products by mail order Orders are made via a single online website and they each use their existing employees to administer and update each other's orders on a single order system regardless of product.

Which of the below is CORRECT of the roles of the two businesses in relation to the single order system'?

2. Under which circumstances can the 'domestic purposes' exemption be used to justify non-compliance with the Data Protection Act 2018?

A) An individual sells make up products for commission and uses social media to promote products to friends and family

B) A couple are planning their daughter's wedding and use excel to store contact details and dietary needs of the guests

C) An individual employs a babysitter and stores her bank details in an encrypted document in order to make payments

D) A pansh council keeps a spreadsheet to manage bookings of the village hall, it contains only contact information and time slots

E) A group of students are arranging a house party and using social media to invite people that they do and do not know

3. In which of the following circumstances does a public authority NOT need to appoint a Data Protection Officer?

4. You are a consulting Data Protection Officer (DPO) for a holiday resort You have been asked to conduct a Data Protection Impact Assessment (DPIA) for them in advance of adopting a new HR management database.

While working through the DPIA, which of the following is NOT a requirement?

5. Where a processor engages another processor ("sub-processor") to carry out processing activities on behalf of a controller, which of the following statements is CORRECT?

6. Which of the following statements MOST accurately describes why a risk-based approach to the use of Al is necessary?

7. How does the GDPR relate to cookies?

8. What are Information Society Services'? Select the INCORRECT answer

9. Which of the following is NOT a key requirement of independent supervisory authorities?

10. A privacy notice MUST NOT contain



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