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Passing the CAD certification exam can be challenging, which is why practicing with CAD questions can greatly increase your chances of success. ServiceNow CAD dumps questions help you become familiar with the exam format. The CAD questions are designed to mimic the actual exam, which means that you'll get a feel for the types of questions you'll encounter, the difficulty level, and the time limit. All the CAD exam dumps questions are the latest version for you to study. Test free CAD exam questions below.

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1. Assume a table called table exists and contains 3 fields: field1, field2, field3.

Examine the Access Control list for table:

Which field or fields can a user with the itil role read?

2. Which objects can be used in Inbound Action scripts?

3. a) To replace outdated, inadequate, custom business applications and processes

b) To extend service delivery and management to all enterprise departments

c) To allow users full access to all ServiceNow tables, records, and fields

d) To extend the value of ServiceNow

4. What are some of the benefits of extending an existing table such as the Task table when creating a new application?

a) You can repurpose existing fields by simply changing the label.

b) Use existing fields with no modifications.

c) Existing logic from the parent table will be automatically applied to the new table.

d) All of the parent table records are copied to the new table.

5. It is best practice to define the business requirements and the process(es) an application will manage as part of the application development plan.

What are some of the considerations to document as part of the business process?

6. Which of the following CANNOT be debugged using the Field Watcher?

7. Tables that extend a table do what?

8. When crafting a scoped application that contains flow actions, what is the application called?

9. Here is the Business Rule script template:

This type of JavaScript function is known as:

10. Which one of the following is true for this script fragment?




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