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As new threats and vulnerabilities emerge, the CCST Networking exam is updated to reflect the latest trends in CCST. By using CCST Networking exam dumps questions, you can ensure that you're staying up-to-date with the latest exam content and are fully prepared to address new challenges in Cisco Certified Support Technician (CCST) NetworkingExam. Cisco CCST Networking exam dumps questions can help you optimize your preparation and ensure that you're fully prepared for the exam. Practice free Cisco CCST Networking exam dumps questions below.

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1. Which command will display all the current operational settings configured on a Cisco router?

2. Which information is included in the header of a UDP segment?

3. Which wireless security option uses a pre-shared key to authenticate clients?

4. Which protocol allows you to securely upload files to another computer on the internet?

5. A help desk technician receives the four trouble tickets listed below.

Which ticket should receive the highest priority and be addressed first?


Move each protocol from the list on the left to the correct TCP/IP model layer on the right. Note: You will receive partial credit for each correct match.


For each statement about bandwidth and throughput, select True or False. Note: You will receive partial credit for each correct selection.

8. An engineer configured a new VLAN named VLAN2 for the Data Center team. When the team tries to ping addresses outside VLAN2 from a computer in VLAN2, they are unable to reach them.

What should the engineer configure?

9. You need to connect a computer's network adapter to a switch using a 1000BASE-T cable.

Which connector should you use?


Examine the connections shown in the following image. Move the cable types on the right to the appropriate connection description on the left. You may use each cable type more than once or not at all.



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