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By practicing with Consumer Goods Cloud exam-like questions, you can identify areas where you may need to focus your studies. Salesforce Consumer Goods Cloud dumps can help you create a more targeted study plan and avoid wasting time studying topics you already know well. Taking Consumer Goods Cloud dumps can help you get used to the format and structure of the real exam. Consumer Goods Cloud dumps can help you feel more comfortable and confident on exam day, which can improve your chances of success. Practice Salesforce Consumer Goods Cloud exam free dumps below.

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1. The relationship between Account and Retail Store objects in CG is...

2. Does CG clouds include a set of predefined assessment task definition types?

3. What standard Salesforce object is it used in CG cloud to record information about the retailer (not a specific store but rather the company that unifies them)?

4. Can the Retail Execution mobile app.... Set the user cockpit as the default landing page?

5. Can the KPI records of the Assessment Indicator Definition object be used to relate to multiple object´s records (Promotions, Products, Product categorys, Retail Stores)

6. Of the two variables to consider when setting up promotions, which one is responsible for indicating which products will be covered by a given promotion? Reach or Level

7. What junction object defines the relationship between an Assortment and a given Retail Store, Account or Retail Store Location Group?

8. Can Action Plant Templates have Versions?

9. All things being equal, will an address that is changed manually in an Account or Retail store record have their geocode updated in Maps?

10. With the Click2Create SF Maps option what kind of records can be created?



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