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By practicing with D-VXR-DY-23 exam-like questions, you can identify areas where you may need to focus your studies. DELL EMC D-VXR-DY-23 dumps can help you create a more targeted study plan and avoid wasting time studying topics you already know well. Taking D-VXR-DY-23 dumps can help you get used to the format and structure of the real exam. D-VXR-DY-23 dumps can help you feel more comfortable and confident on exam day, which can improve your chances of success. Practice DELL EMC D-VXR-DY-23 exam free dumps below.

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1. How must node ports on Dell EMC ToR switches be configured when the Spanning Tree Protocol is enabled in an environment?

2. When adding an S Series node to a Gen 2 VxRail 240F cluster the build fails.

What could be a possible cause of this situation?

3. To investigate a problem on a VxRail system, the onsite engineer has to collect the complete set of logs.

Which method will collect all logs at once?

4. A company has indicated that they do not want to change the native VLAN for their entire switch.

Based on best practice, how should the Top of Rack (ToR) switch be configured?

5. What is the maximum number of nodes in a VxRail cluster when using 1 GbE links?

6. What is the minimum configuration for a vSAN Stretched Cluster?

7. Refer to the exhibit.

You have received the attached PEQ for an upcoming VxRail implementation. However, you have no additional supporting documents.

Who should be your first point of contact for additional information?

8. In a VxRail deployment with an external vCenter Server, which VMware component(s) is automatically licensed?

9. What step is a best practice in the deployment process of a VxRail Appliance with an External vCenter server?

10. The vSAN Health Check of a VxRail cluster is reporting errors about the stats.db object.

What could be a possible cause of this problem?



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