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In February 2023, Dell is set to revolutionize the landscape of IT certifications with the launch of its revamped Proven Professional Certification Program. This program, built on the foundation of the latest Dell and industry intelligence, promises to offer a cutting-edge approach to skill-based certifications and outcome-driven solutions. As a leader in training and certification, Dell's Education Services are dedicated to empowering modern IT organizations to enhance business performance and foster more productive teams.

A New Certification Framework

The Proven Professional Certification Program is introducing a fresh perspective to certification frameworks. Unlike its predecessor, the new framework encompasses both skill and outcome-based solutions certifications. This significant enhancement aims to provide a more comprehensive and tailored approach to certification, ensuring that learners are equipped with the skills and knowledge needed to drive tangible business outcomes.

What to Expect

With the launch of the new certification framework, Dell is also introducing a host of net new certifications designed to address the rapidly evolving IT landscape. Throughout 2023, legacy certification content will be seamlessly migrated to the new framework, ensuring a smooth transition for existing certification holders.

Program Goals

The Proven Professional Certification Program is designed with clear goals in mind:

  1. Validate Essential Skills for Business Outcomes: The program is structured to validate the fundamental skills and knowledge required to achieve desired business outcomes. This ensures that certified professionals are equipped to make a meaningful impact in their roles.
  2. Maximize ROI of Dell Solutions: By attaining certifications through this program, learners will not only gain a deeper understanding of Dell products, solutions, and services, but they will also maximize the return on investment for their organizations.
  3. Collaborative Solutions Certifications: The program offers solutions certifications that include Dell and its esteemed partners like Microsoft, VMware, and more. This collaborative approach ensures that certified professionals are well-versed in a wide range of technologies and platforms.
  4. Hands-on Skills Validation: The program places a strong emphasis on hands-on skills validation, allowing learners to apply their knowledge in real-world scenarios. This practical approach is crucial in building true proficiency.

Program Changes for a Seamless Journey

The Proven Professional Certification Program is undergoing a series of changes to provide a more streamlined and efficient certification journey:

  1. From Role-Aligned to Skill-Based Certifications: The program is transitioning from role-aligned to skill-based certifications, establishing a solid foundation for outcome-based solution certifications. This shift allows for a more targeted and personalized approach to certification.
  2. Simplified Journey: Formal prerequisites are being removed, and class times are being reduced, resulting in a faster and more efficient certification achievement process. This change is aimed at accommodating the busy schedules of IT professionals without compromising on the quality of education.
  3. Streamlined Skill Set Validation: The program is introducing a more streamlined approach to validate skill sets. This ensures that certifications remain relevant and reflective of the current industry landscape.
  4. Increased Flexibility: Learners now have increased flexibility to build a customized portfolio of certifications based on their individual needs and career aspirations. This empowers them to tailor their certification journey to align with their unique goals.

New Certifications on the Horizon

The new certification framework, launched in Q1 FY24, introduces a range of Achievement, Skill, and Solution Certifications. These certifications cover a diverse spectrum of critical technologies, ensuring that learners have the opportunity to specialize in areas that are most relevant to their roles and interests.

The Proven Professional Certification Program's evolution marks a significant milestone in the world of IT certifications. By combining skill-based certifications with outcome-driven solutions, Dell is poised to equip IT professionals with the knowledge and expertise needed to navigate the dynamic IT landscape effectively. With a focus on flexibility, efficiency, and practical application, this program is set to redefine the way professionals approach certification. Embrace the future of IT education with Dell's Proven Professional Certification Program.


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