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Atlassian offers a valuable opportunity for professionals to enhance their skills and boost their credentials through the Atlassian Certified Associate (ACA) certifications. These entry-level certifications are designed for beginners to intermediate learners, providing an affordable and accessible way to validate expertise in Atlassian products and solutions.

Building Your Certification Stack

The ACA certifications serve as an entry point into the Atlassian Certified global talent ecosystem. They allow individuals to build a personalized certification stack, aligning with the skills most relevant to their roles. As you progress in your Atlassian journey, you can mix and match certifications to tailor your stack to your evolving expertise.

Atlassian Certified Associate - Jira Software Board Configuration

The price of Jira Software Board Configuration is $100, this certification is targeted at board admins seeking to power their career growth by demonstrating proficiency in effective board configuration. Key skills covered include understanding board types and concepts, configuring board and filter permissions, columns and swimlanes, appearance, and estimation settings.

Professionals in roles such as project manager, development lead, and scrum master can benefit from this certification, showcasing their ability to translate team requirements into board configurations, create and manage Jira Software kanban and scrum boards, and organize workflow steps effectively.

The exam, consisting of 25 questions to be answered in 60 minutes, tests candidates on topics such as board types, configuring permissions and filters, board appearance, and estimation settings. Achieving a passing score of 68% demonstrates your competence in Jira Software board configuration.

Atlassian Certified Associate - Jira Software Essentials Certification

The price of Jira Software Essentials is $100. This certification targets users who want to prove their proficiency in managing work in Jira Software and working collaboratively with teams using agile frameworks like kanban and scrum.

Roles such as software developer, software engineer, quality assurance analyst, and scrum master benefit from validating their ability to navigate Jira Software efficiently, work with issues and boards, and understand key agile concepts. The exam, comprising 25 questions to be completed in 60 minutes, covers topics like basic concepts, Jira navigation, working with issues, and issue lifecycle, workflow, and boards.

The Atlassian Certified Associate certifications provide a strategic pathway for professionals to enhance their skills and gain recognition in the global talent ecosystem. As technology continues to advance, staying certified in tools like Jira Software becomes a valuable investment in your career. Whether you are a board admin shaping workflows or a software developer collaborating in agile environments, these certifications empower you to showcase your expertise and drive career growth. With an affordable price point and the backing of Atlassian's globally recognized reputation, the ACA certifications offer a tangible way to validate your proficiency in Atlassian products and solutions. Start building your certification stack today and take the next step toward a more successful and rewarding career in the world of Atlassian.


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