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Exam Code: 2V0-72.22
Exam Name: Professional Develop VMware Spring
Exam Q&As: 60 Q&As
Last update: June 12, 2024


2V0-72.22 Spring Professional Develop Exam

2V0-72.22 exam is a required test for Spring Certified Professional 2023 Certification. 2V0-72.22 exam is designed to evaluate a candidate’s proficiency in utilizing key features of Spring and Spring Boot. Real 2V0-72.22 exam contains 60 questions, and you have 130 minutes to answer all the questions, the pass score is 300. The available language is English.

VMware 2V0-72.22 Exam Topics

The VMware 2V0-72.22 exam topics cover the following details.

Section 1 – Spring Core

This section dives into the foundational elements of the Spring framework. It covers key topics like Java Configuration, where candidates learn to define Spring Beans using Java code and manage dependencies. They also explore Properties and Profiles, focusing on using external properties for configuration control. Annotation-Based Configuration and Component Scanning are essential practices discussed, along with understanding Bean Lifecycle. The section concludes with an introduction to Aspect Oriented Programming (AOP), providing candidates with insights into its concepts and practical implementation with Spring AOP.

Section 2 – Data Management

This section revolves around effective data management using Spring. Candidates will learn to utilize and configure Spring’s JdbcTemplate for streamlined data access. They’ll also become proficient in handling data access exceptions. Transaction Management with Spring is a critical aspect covered, including the description and usage of Spring Transaction Management, configuring transaction propagation, setting up rollback rules, and incorporating transactions into tests. Spring Boot and Spring Data for Backing Stores wrap up this section, guiding candidates on implementing a Spring JPA application using Spring Boot and creating Spring Data Repositories for JPA.

Section 3 – Spring MVC

This section is focused on building web applications using Spring MVC. Candidates will understand how to create Spring MVC applications using Spring Boot, along with the basic request processing lifecycle for REST requests. They’ll also learn to create a simple RESTful controller to handle GET requests, and how to configure for deployment. Additionally, REST Applications are explored, including creating controllers to support the REST endpoints for various verbs and utilizing RestTemplate for invoking RESTful services.

Section 4 – Testing

This section is dedicated to testing Spring applications comprehensively. Candidates start with writing tests using JUnit 5 and then extend their skills to write integration tests using Spring. They also explore configuring tests with Spring Profiles and extending Spring tests to work with databases. Advanced testing with Spring Boot and MockMVC is also included, covering enabling Spring Boot testing, performing integration testing, MockMVC testing, and slice testing.

Section 5 – Security

Security concepts are introduced in this section, progressing to the practical use of Spring Security for configuring authentication and authorization. Candidates will also learn about method-level security.

Section 6 – Spring Boot

This section focuses on Spring Boot features and properties. Candidates will gain a deep understanding of defining and loading properties, utilizing auto-configuration, and overriding default configuration. It also covers Spring Boot Actuator, where candidates learn to configure Actuator endpoints, secure Actuator HTTP endpoints, and define custom metrics and health indicators.

Helpful 2V0-72.22 Exam Dumps

To prepare for the 2V0-72.22 exam, candidates should focus on practicing with Dumpsinfo 2V0-72.22 exam dumps. These questions are designed to simulate the real exam, providing candidates with a better understanding of the types of questions they can expect to see on test day.

Practicing with 2V0-72.22 exam dumps can help candidates improve their understanding of the related skills and identify areas where they may need to focus their studies. It can also help them build confidence and reduce test anxiety, which can be especially important for those who are new to certification exams.



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