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Exam Code: 300-740
Exam Name: Designing and Implementing Secure Cloud Access for Users and Endpoints
Exam Q&As: 140 Q&As
Last update: June 14, 2024


300-740 SCAZT Designing and Implementing Secure Cloud Access for Users and Endpoints Exam

300-740 SCAZT exam is a required test for Cisco CCNP Security Certification. 300-740 SCAZT exam evaluates candidates’ proficiency in various aspects of cloud security architecture, user and device security, network and cloud security, application and data security, visibility and assurance, and threat response. There are 40-60 questions in real 300-740 SCAZT exam, and you have 90 minutes to answer all the questions. The available languages are English and Japanese. The exam price is $300.

Cisco 300-740 SCAZT Exam Topics

The Cisco 300-740 SCAZT exam topics cover the following details.

Cloud Security Architecture: Understanding the principles and best practices for securing cloud environments, including architecture design considerations and implementation strategies.

User and Device Security: Ensuring the security of user identities, authentication mechanisms, and endpoint devices accessing cloud resources. This may involve technologies such as identity management, multi-factor authentication, and endpoint security solutions.

Network and Cloud Security: Implementing security measures to protect the network infrastructure and cloud-based resources from unauthorized access, data breaches, and other security threats. This may include network segmentation, encryption, and firewall configurations tailored for cloud environments.

Application and Data Security: Securing cloud-hosted applications and sensitive data against various threats, such as unauthorized access, data leakage, and application-layer attacks. This involves implementing security controls at the application level, including encryption, access controls, and secure coding practices.

Visibility and Assurance: Establishing mechanisms for monitoring and auditing cloud environments to ensure compliance with security policies, detect security incidents, and provide visibility into system activities. This may involve implementing logging, monitoring, and reporting tools integrated with cloud platforms.

Threat Response: Developing and implementing strategies for responding to security incidents and mitigating potential threats in cloud environments. This includes incident response planning, threat intelligence analysis, and remediation actions to address security vulnerabilities and breaches effectively.

Helpful 300-740 SCAZT Exam Dumps

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