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Exam Code: 500-490
Exam Name: Designing Cisco Enterprise Networks
Exam Q&As: 35 Q&As
Last update: June 12, 2024


500-490 ENDESIGN Designing Cisco Enterprise Networks Exam

500-490 ENDESIGN exam is a required test for Advanced Enterprise Networks Architecture Specialization Certification. 500-490 ENDESIGN exam focuses on testing a candidate’s knowledge of the skills required by a Field Engineer to understand the 4D Sales methodology: Discovery, Design, Demonstrate, and Defend. You have 60 minutes to answer all the Cisco 500-490 ENDESIGN exam questions. The available language is English.

Cisco 500-490 ENDESIGN Exam Topics

The Cisco 500-490 ENDESIGN exam topics cover the following details.


Discovery (6%): This portion of the exam assesses candidates’ understanding of the foundational concepts, principles, and components of SD-Access. Candidates may be tested on their knowledge of how SD-Access facilitates network discovery processes, including device identification, topology discovery, and policy definition.

Design (12%): Candidates are expected to demonstrate proficiency in designing SD-Access solutions tailored to meet specific organizational requirements. This includes designing scalable and secure SD-Access architectures, defining policies, segmentation, and integration with other network services.

Demonstration (8%): This aspect evaluates candidates’ ability to effectively demonstrate SD-Access solutions in simulated environments. Candidates may need to showcase their understanding of configuration, operation, and troubleshooting of SD-Access components during demonstrations.

Defend (8%): Candidates are tested on their capability to defend SD-Access design decisions and solutions. This may involve justifying design choices, addressing security concerns, ensuring compliance with organizational policies, and explaining the benefits of SD-Access implementations.


Discover (8%): This section assesses candidates’ knowledge of SD-WAN principles, architectures, and deployment models. Candidates may be required to identify and analyze various aspects of SD-WAN solutions, including transport options, control plane mechanisms, and application optimization techniques.

Design (12%): Candidates are evaluated on their ability to design SD-WAN solutions that align with organizational requirements and objectives. This includes designing resilient, scalable, and efficient SD-WAN architectures, considering factors such as traffic engineering, QoS, and security.

Demonstration (12%): Candidates must demonstrate proficiency in configuring, operating, and troubleshooting SD-WAN solutions during simulated demonstrations. This may involve showcasing the deployment of SD-WAN overlays, policy enforcement, traffic management, and monitoring capabilities.

ISE (Identity Services Engine)

Discover (6%): This part of the exam tests candidates’ understanding of ISE features, capabilities, and integration possibilities. Candidates may need to identify use cases for ISE deployments, understand authentication and authorization mechanisms, and explore integration with other network services.

Design (12%): Candidates are expected to design ISE solutions that address authentication, authorization, and policy enforcement requirements in enterprise networks. This involves designing scalable and secure ISE architectures, defining access policies, and integrating with network infrastructure components.

Demonstration (6%): Candidates must demonstrate their ability to configure, operate, and troubleshoot ISE deployments during simulated demonstrations. This may include showcasing ISE policy configurations, authentication flows, guest access setups, and endpoint compliance checks.

Defend (12%): Candidates are evaluated on their capability to defend ISE design decisions and solutions. This includes justifying policy configurations, addressing security concerns, ensuring regulatory compliance, and explaining the benefits of ISE implementations.

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