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Exam Code: 5V0-22.23
Exam Name: VMware vSAN Specialist v2
Exam Q&As: 75 Q&As
Last update: May 25, 2024

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5V0-22.23 VMware vSAN Specialist v2 Exam

VMware vSAN Specialist v2 Exam 5V0-22.23 is a required test for the VMware VMware Certified Specialist – vSAN 2023 certification. This certification confirms the knowledge and comprehension of vSphere and vSAN principles and prerequisites by its holder.

The VMware 5V0-22.23 exam assesses candidates’ skills and competencies in designing, implementing, and administering VMware vSAN environments. Real VMware certification 5V0-22.23 exam contains 76 Single and Multiple-Choice questions, and you have 125 minutes to answer all the questions. The required passing score for VMware 5V0-22.23 exam is 300. The available language is English. The exam price is $250.

VMware Certified Specialist – vSAN 2023 Certification 5V0-22.23 Exam Topics

VMware 5V0-22.23 exam topics cover the following details.

Section 1: VMware vSAN Architecture and Technologies

Understand the foundational architecture and technologies that underpin VMware vSAN.

Explore the integration of vSAN with virtualization and its core concepts.

Section 2: VMware vSAN Products and Solutions

Familiarize yourself with the different editions and versions of VMware vSAN.

Learn about complezmentary products and solutions that enhance vSAN technology.

Section 3: Planning and Designing a vSAN Environment

Demonstrate your ability to plan and design effective vSAN environments.

Address capacity planning, use case-specific design, and alignment with organizational requirements.

Section 4: Installing, Configuring, and Setting Up vSAN

Master the installation, configuration, and setup of vSAN environments.

Understand hardware prerequisites, cluster configuration, and initial vSAN deployment tasks.

Section 5: Optimizing Performance, Capacity, and Upgrades

Optimize the performance of vSAN environments.

Manage capacity effectively and execute smooth upgrades to newer vSAN versions.

Section 6: Troubleshooting and Issue Resolution

Exhibit proficiency in troubleshooting and resolving issues within vSAN setups.

Identify common problems, employ diagnostic tools, and implement effective resolutions.

Section 7: Administrative and Operational Tasks in vSAN

Manage day-to-day administrative and operational responsibilities in vSAN environments.

Cover tasks such as monitoring, data protection, and ensuring ongoing cluster health and performance.

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