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Exam Code: 700-750
Exam Name: Cisco Small and Medium Business Engineer
Exam Q&As: 64 Q&As
Last update: June 13, 2024

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700-750 Cisco Small and Medium Business Engineer (SMBE) Exam

700-750 SMBE exam is a required test for Cisco Small and Medium Business Engineer Specialization certification. 700-750 SMBE exam is designed to certify candidates’ understanding of key concepts, strategies, and solutions relevant to Cisco’s approach in the SMB market. Real 700-750 SMBE exam contains 40-60 questions, and you have 90 minutes to complete the test. The available languages are English and Japanese.

Cisco 700-750 Exam Topics

The Cisco 700-750 SMBE exam topics cover the following details.

Partnership Opportunities with Cisco (10%)

This section focuses on understanding the various partnership opportunities that Cisco offers within the SMB market.

Candidates should be familiar with Cisco’s partner programs, incentives, and collaboration opportunities aimed at SMBs.

Knowledge of how Cisco partners can leverage Cisco’s resources and technologies to deliver value to SMB customers is essential.

Enabling People, Enhancing Workspaces (10%)

Candidates will explore strategies and solutions aimed at enhancing productivity and collaboration within SMB work environments.

Topics may include technologies such as collaboration tools, video conferencing, unified communications, and workspace optimization solutions.

Understanding how Cisco technologies can empower employees and improve overall workspace efficiency is crucial.

Exploring SMB Experiences (10%)

This section delves into understanding the unique experiences and challenges faced by SMBs in various industries.

Candidates should be familiar with SMB customer needs, pain points, and common use cases for Cisco solutions.

Knowledge of how Cisco products and services can address specific SMB requirements and improve customer experiences is important.

Navigating Hybrid Workforce Experiences (10%)

Focuses on strategies and solutions for managing hybrid work environments, where employees work both remotely and in-office.

Topics may include remote access technologies, cloud services, virtualization, and collaboration tools tailored for hybrid work setups.

Understanding how Cisco solutions enable seamless collaboration and productivity in hybrid workforce environments is key.

Adapting to Remote Workforce Experiences (10%)

Explores technologies and best practices for supporting remote work arrangements.

Topics may include remote access solutions, virtual private networks (VPNs), secure connectivity, and endpoint security.

Candidates should understand how Cisco solutions can help SMBs securely connect and support remote workers effectively.

Securing the Modern Workplace (10%)

Focuses on cybersecurity strategies and solutions tailored for SMBs.

Topics may include network security, endpoint security, threat detection and response, and security best practices.

Understanding how Cisco security technologies protect SMBs against evolving cyber threats is essential.

Implementing SMART IT (10%)

Explores the implementation of intelligent and automated IT solutions within SMB environments.

Topics may include IT automation, network management, analytics, and monitoring tools.

Candidates should understand how Cisco’s SMART IT solutions streamline IT operations and enhance efficiency for SMBs.

Enhancing Application Performance (10%)

Focuses on optimizing application performance and delivery within SMB networks.

Topics may include application acceleration, load balancing, content delivery networks (CDNs), and Quality of Service (QoS) techniques.

Understanding how Cisco solutions improve application performance and user experience is important.

Exploring Platforms (5%)

This section covers an overview of Cisco platforms relevant to SMB environments.

Topics may include networking hardware, collaboration platforms, cloud services, and IoT (Internet of Things) solutions.

Candidates should have a basic understanding of Cisco’s platform offerings and their benefits for SMB customers.

Understanding Business Value Demonstrations (BVDs) (5%)

Focuses on demonstrating the business value of Cisco solutions to SMB customers.

Candidates should understand how to articulate the ROI (Return on Investment), cost savings, and productivity gains associated with Cisco products and services.

Knowledge of creating effective business value demonstrations tailored for SMBs is important.

Introducing Engineering Programs (10%)

Explores Cisco’s engineering programs and resources available to SMB partners and customers.

Topics may include training programs, certification paths, technical support resources, and partner enablement initiatives.

Candidates should be familiar with Cisco’s engineering programs and how they support SMB partners in delivering innovative solutions and services.

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