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Exam Code: PCCSE
Exam Name: Prisma Certified Cloud Security Engineer
Exam Q&As: 263 Q&As
Last update: June 13, 2024

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PCCSE Palo Alto Networks Certified Cloud Security Engineer Exam

PCCSE exam is a required test for Palo Alto Networks Certified Cloud Security Engineer certification. PCCSE exam is designed to validate individuals’ knowledge, skills, and abilities in onboarding, deploying, and administering Prisma Cloud across various cloud environments. Real PCCSE exam contains 75-85 questions, and you have 70-80 minutes to complete the test.

Palo Alto Networks PCCSE Exam Topics

The Palo Alto Networks PCCSE exam topics cover the following details.

Cloud Security Posture Management (CSPM) – 21%

This domain focuses on assessing and maintaining the security posture of cloud environments. Topics may include:

Identifying misconfigurations and vulnerabilities within cloud infrastructures.

Implementing security best practices for cloud services and resources.

Configuring and managing compliance standards and frameworks within cloud environments.

Automating security checks and remediation processes.

Cloud Workload Protection (CWP) – 21%

CWP involves securing the workloads and applications running in cloud environments. Key topics may include:

Implementing security controls for cloud-based workloads.

Monitoring and detecting threats targeting cloud workloads.

Applying encryption and access controls to sensitive data within cloud workloads.

Integrating security solutions with cloud orchestration and management platforms.

Install, Upgrade, and Backup/Prisma Cloud Administration – 19%

This domain covers the installation, upgrading, and backup procedures for Prisma Cloud, as well as administrative tasks. Relevant topics include:

Installing and configuring Prisma Cloud components.

Upgrading Prisma Cloud to newer versions.

Performing regular backups and ensuring disaster recovery preparedness.

Managing user access and permissions within Prisma Cloud.

Cloud Network Security and Identity-Based Microsegmentation Enterprise Edition – 11%

This domain focuses on securing cloud networks and implementing identity-based microsegmentation. Topics may include:

Configuring network security policies for cloud environments.

Implementing microsegmentation to isolate workloads and applications.

Integrating identity and access management solutions with cloud networks.

Monitoring network traffic and detecting anomalies in cloud environments.

Prisma Cloud Code Security (PCCS) – 12%

PCCS involves securing the code and applications deployed in cloud environments. Key topics may include:

Performing static and dynamic code analysis for vulnerabilities.

Implementing secure coding practices and frameworks.

Integrating code security testing into continuous integration/continuous deployment (CI/CD) pipelines.

Managing and securing containerized applications within cloud environments.

Identity and Access Management (IAM)/Prisma Cloud Data Security (PCDS) – 16%

This domain focuses on managing identities and securing data within cloud environments. Relevant topics include:

Implementing identity and access management policies and controls.

Securing access to cloud resources based on identity and role-based access controls (RBAC).

Encrypting and protecting data at rest and in transit within cloud environments.

Monitoring data access and usage for compliance and security purposes.

Helpful PCCSE Exam Dumps

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