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Using Salesforce Certified User Experience Designer User Experience Designer questions can help you build confidence as you prepare for the exam. By practicing with these User Experience Designer dumps questions, you will be better prepared and more confident when you take the actual exam. Besides, User Experience Designer exam dumps questions cover a wide range of topics that are relevant to the certification exam. By using User Experience Designer dumps questions, you will be able to ensure that you have a comprehensive understanding of the material covered on the exam. Practice free Salesforce User Experience Designer exam dumps below.

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1. A company provides a way for customers to shop for homes and contact real estate agents online. The company’s brokers use some of the Salesforce standard functionality to track home buyers.

Which three standard Salesforce objects should be used in this experience? Choose 3 answers

2. A UX Designer wants to quickly mock up Salesforce user Interface experiences using a collation of prebuilt components. The designer need sales lightning resources for their design and prototype such as based components, tokens, design patterns.

Which tool to install should need?

3. Cloud Kicks (CK) is going to launch a new Salesforce process for its Customer Service team. After Launch, CK wants to ensure the process is working well for its customer service representatives.

Which three Salesforce tools should be used to track and measure the adoption of the new process? Choose 3 answers

4. A UX designer wants to quickly mock up salesforce user interface experiences using a collection of prebuilt components. The designers needed salesforce lighting design systems(SLDS) resources for their designs and prototypes such as base components tokens and designs patterns

Which tool or installation should best support their needs?

5. A UX Designer wants to understand the mental model of employees who have requested a new internal community, The brief specifies what the employees should be able to do on the site, but the designer needs to suggest a suitable architecture.

Which technique should be used?

6. A UX Designer has completed discovery, research analysis, and ideation.

How should they prepare for the next phase?

7. A UX Designer wants to use Paths to provide guidance about which activities sales representatives should be doing at each stage of the opportunity lifecycle.

Which two elements could be used in the Path's Guidance for Success sections?

8. Cloud Kicks’s development team is working on the build of a new custom component using VS Code. They often have new CSS dasses and properties conflicting with the Salesforce Lightning Design System (SLDS).

What should simplify working with SLDS in Lightning Components?

9. What would it mean for the user when designing perceivable content?

10. A UX Designer needs to create a visual representation of a user’s series of steps to achieve a meaningful goal.

Which UX design method should be used?



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