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ISTQB CT-AI dumps questions are an essential tool for anyone looking to pursue the ISTQB AI Testing certification. By using these CT-AI dumps questions as part of your exam preparation, you can gain a deeper understanding of the exam format, identify knowledge gaps, build confidence, get real-time feedback, and stay up-to-date with the latest trends in Certified Tester AI Testing. So, if you're serious about achieving CT-AI certification success, be sure to incorporate CT-AI exam dumps questions into your study plan. Test free ISTQB CT-AI exam dumps below.

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1. Which ONE of the following statements is a CORRECT adversarial example in the context of machine learning systems that are working on image classifiers. SELECT ONE OPTION

A. Black box attacks based on adversarial examples create an exact duplicate model of the original.

B. These attack examples cause a model to predict the correct class with slightly less accuracy even though they look like the original image.

C. These attacks can't be prevented by retraining the model with these examples augmented to the training data.

D. These examples are model specific and are not likely to cause another model trained on same task to fail.

2. In a certain coffee producing region of Colombia, there have been some severe weather storms, resulting in massive losses in production. This caused a massive drop in stock price of coffee.

Which ONE of the following types of testing SHOULD be performed for a machine learning model for stock-price prediction to detect influence of such phenomenon as above on price of coffee stock. SELECT ONE OPTION

3. The activation value output for a neuron in a neural network is obtained by applying computation to the neuron.

Which ONE of the following options BEST describes the inputs used to compute the activation value? SELECT ONE OPTION

4. Which ONE of the following types of coverage SHOULD be used if test cases need to cause each neuron to achieve both positive and negative activation values? SELECT ONE OPTION

5. "Splendid Healthcare" has started developing a cancer detection system based on ML. The type of cancer they plan on detecting has 2% prevalence rate in the population of a particular geography. It is required that the model performs well for both normal and cancer patients.

Which ONE of the following combinations requires MAXIMIZATION? SELECT ONE OPTION

6. Upon testing a model used to detect rotten tomatoes, the following data was observed by the test engineer, based on certain number of tomato images.

For this confusion matrix which combinations of values of accuracy, recall, and specificity respectively is CORRECT? SELECT ONE OPTION

7. Which ONE of the following hardware is MOST suitable for implementing Al when using ML? SELECT ONE OPTION

A. 64-bit CPUs.

B. Hardware supporting fast matrix multiplication.

C. High powered CPUs.

D. Hardware supporting high precision floating point operations.

8. Which ONE of the following models BEST describes a way to model defect prediction by looking at the history of bugs in modules by using code quality metrics of modules of historical versions as input? SELECT ONE OPTION

A. Identifying the relationship between developers and the modules developed by them.

B. Search of similar code based on natural language processing.

C. Clustering of similar code modules to predict based on similarity.

D. Using a classification model to predict the presence of a defect by using code quality metrics as the input data.

9. Which ONE of the following combinations of Training, Validation, Testing data is used during the process of learning/creating the model? SELECT ONE OPTION

A. Training data - validation data - test data

B. Training data - validation data

C. Training data • test data

D. Validation data - test data

10. Which ONE of the following statements correctly describes the importance of flexibility for Al systems? SELECT ONE OPTION



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