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Juniper JN0-451 dumps questions are an essential tool for anyone looking to pursue the JNCIS-MistAI certification. By using these JN0-451 dumps questions as part of your exam preparation, you can gain a deeper understanding of the exam format, identify knowledge gaps, build confidence, get real-time feedback, and stay up-to-date with the latest trends in Mist AI - Specialist (JNCIS-MistAI). So, if you're serious about achieving JN0-451 certification success, be sure to incorporate JN0-451 exam dumps questions into your study plan. Test free Juniper JN0-451 exam dumps below.

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1. All the access points (APs) on the site will obtain an IP address for the Management VLAN.

You notice an additional IP address for each configured VLAN on the AP.

Which statement is correct in this scenario?

2. You are installing and booting up your first Juniper Mist AP at your site.

By default, which two statements are correct in this scenario? (Choose two.)

3. You are troubleshooting a client that has had intermittent connectivity problems. Using Marvis to troubleshoot, you see that AP uptime is negatively affecting the client.

When inspecting Marvis' troubleshooting response, which category should you select to see when the AP went offline?

4. Regarding roaming, which device determines when it is time to connect to another AP?

5. Under which hierarchy level would you create a new site configuration?

6. Which two Mist Aps would be used for BLE location? (Choose two.)

7. What is the impact of adding more SSIDs to a radio?

8. What are two 802.11 MAC frame types? (Choose two.)

9. Click the Exhibit button.

Referring to the exhibit, which statement is correct about the Post-Install user’s role?

10. What is meant when a Marvis Action is shown as “AI Validated”?



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