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By practicing with H12-311_V3.0-ENU exam-like questions, you can identify areas where you may need to focus your studies. Huawei H12-311_V3.0-ENU dumps can help you create a more targeted study plan and avoid wasting time studying topics you already know well. Taking H12-311_V3.0-ENU dumps can help you get used to the format and structure of the real exam. H12-311_V3.0-ENU dumps can help you feel more comfortable and confident on exam day, which can improve your chances of success. Practice Huawei H12-311_V3.0-ENU exam free dumps below.

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1. What are the advantages of WLAN Mesh network compared to traditional wireless local area network? (Multiple choice)

2. Which of the following protocols can support both the 2.4GHz frequency band and the 5GHz frequency band?

3. Which access authentication methods does the Agile Controller support? (Multiple choice)

4. The wireless users of the same user VLAN and the same SSID can access the Internet, but they cannot access each other. What may be the reason for this phenomenon?

5. In the WLAN network environment, according to the classification of equipment security categories, which categories can it be divided into? (Multiple choice)

6. Which of the following ports can only belong to 1 VLAN?

7. In a dual-link backup network, what will the AP use to distinguish between the active AC and the standby AC? (Multiple choice)

8. What type of frame () does the ACK frame belong to in WLAN?

9. Capacity planning mainly starts from the aspects of equipment performance, number of users, bandwidth requirements and wireless environment, etc., and estimates the number of APs required to meet the business volume.

10. According to the network architecture between the AP and the AC, the networking methods can be divided into two-layer networking methods and three-layer networking methods.



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