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By practicing with H35-581_V2.0-ENU exam-like questions, you can identify areas where you may need to focus your studies. Huawei H35-581_V2.0-ENU dumps can help you create a more targeted study plan and avoid wasting time studying topics you already know well. Taking H35-581_V2.0-ENU dumps can help you get used to the format and structure of the real exam. H35-581_V2.0-ENU dumps can help you feel more comfortable and confident on exam day, which can improve your chances of success. Practice Huawei H35-581_V2.0-ENU exam free dumps below.

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1. In the same scenario, the smaller the distance between stations, the greater the interference margin.

2. 5G follows the 4G frame structure. The only difference is that the transmission time interval (TTI) becomes 0.5ms.

3. The process of downlink beamforming includes which of the following pages? (Multiple choice)

4. The 18B version of TUE has two hosts, one of which is the 22L host, and the other host model is?

5. Under the Option3x architecture, during the dual connection establishment process, the eNB will send an ERAB Modify IND message to the MME. Which network element does the IP address carried in the message belong to?

6. 5G QoS parameters can be used in NSA networking

7. Regarding the description of 5G neighborhood planning, which of the following is incorrect?

8. gNB configures up to 4 initial BWPs for UE.

9. Whether the network adopts Option3 or 3x architecture is determined by the configuration parameters on the gNB side.

10. CPE only supports wired connections



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