Huawei H11-879_V2.0-ENU Exam Questions Simulate Actual H11-879_V2.0-ENU Exam



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H11-879_V2.0-ENU exam dumps questions are designed to simulate the actual exam. This means that you will get a feel for the types of questions you can expect to see on the exam, as well as the format and difficulty level. In addition, HCIE-Collaboration H11-879_V2.0-ENU dumps are often accompanied by detailed explanations and answers. This means that if you get a question wrong, you can learn from your mistake and understand why the correct answer is the right one. Test free online H11-879_V2.0-ENU exam dumps below.

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1. SMC2.0 supports inspection equipment types including? (Multiple choice)

2. If a Huawei TE series terminal is used for point-to-point calls and the video-related configurations are set to "Auto", which of the following descriptions is correct?

3. Regarding the call bill and billing scenarios, which of the following statements is correct? (Multiple choice)

4. Which user can back up the database encryption key of SMC 2.0?

5. Regarding the wired sharing method, which of the following descriptions is correct?

6. Regarding the following description of the SMC active and backup dual-machine in a pure intranet scenario, which options are correct? (Multiple choice)

7. The range of sound frequencies that the human ear can recognize is?

8. In the H.323 protocol, which message used to complete the process of opening a logical channel?

9. RSE6500 repackages the corresponding high/standard definition on-demand files and sends them to the conference terminal for viewing through the () protocol.

10. The network diagnostic tool supports remote diagnosis mode, that is, the network diagnostic tool can remotely control another network diagnostic tool to initiate network diagnosis for other network diagnostic tools.



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