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Practicing with H12-711_V4.0-ENU questions can help you identify areas where you need to improve your knowledge. By answering H12-711_V4.0-ENU questions and reviewing your responses, you can identify gaps in your understanding and focus your study efforts on those areas. The H12-711_V4.0-ENU exam has a strict time limit, and you need to manage your time effectively to answer all the questions. Practicing with Huawei H12-711_V4.0-ENU dumps questions can help you develop time management skills by simulating the exam's time constraints. You'll learn how to pace yourself, manage your time effectively, and ensure that you complete the H12-711_V4.0-ENU exam within the allotted time. Test Huawei H12-711_V4.0-ENU exam free dumps below.

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1. The limitation of misuse detection technology is that it only detects suspicious behaviors in the system based on known intrusion sequences and system defect patterns, but cannot handle the detection of new intrusion attacks and unknown and potential system defects.

2. If there are actual changes to the company structure, the feasibility of the business continuity plan needs to be retested

3. Which of the following messages are needed when establishing an L2TP session? (Multiple Choice)

4. From the time when the original packet enters the GRE tunnel to when the GRE packet is transferred out by the firewall, the packet spans the relationship between two domains.

As shown in the figure, after the original packet is encapsulated by GRE, when the firewall forwards the packet, which of the following security zones does the packet pass through?

5. Which of the following statements about electronic evidence sources is incorrect?

6. Establish L2TP session

7. When a user uses the Web to log in to the firewall, the security policy between the user's security zone and which of the following security zones needs to be opened?

8. In anti-virus software, () technology can analyze compressed files, embellished files, and packaged files.

9. Which of the following descriptions of symmetric encryption technology is incorrect?

10. As shown in the figure, a TCP connection has been established between PC1 and PC2. PC1 issued a FIN request for this connection, and PC2 responded with an ACK. Which of the following descriptions is correct?



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