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Practicing with QSBA2022 questions can help you identify areas where you need to improve your knowledge. By answering QSBA2022 questions and reviewing your responses, you can identify gaps in your understanding and focus your study efforts on those areas. The QSBA2022 exam has a strict time limit, and you need to manage your time effectively to answer all the questions. Practicing with QlikView QSBA2022 dumps questions can help you develop time management skills by simulating the exam's time constraints. You'll learn how to pace yourself, manage your time effectively, and ensure that you complete the QSBA2022 exam within the allotted time. Test QlikView QSBA2022 exam free dumps below.

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1. A business analyst wants to create a dashboard for the Finance team to use. The app must include four sheets one looking at the full dataset and three others focused on the regions APAC EMEA and AMERICAS each.

The team needs visualizations for

• Sales by Product in the past 6" months

• Cost of Sales on a map by Country

• Sales Cost and Margin by Month

Additionally the learn wants to dear fillers while navigating between sheets and enable chat in the hub.

What features should be used?

2. A business analyst inherits an app full of sheets. The business analyst needs to redesign the app using the DAR principle How should the business analyst orderthe visualizations?

3. A business analyst is creating a new app with sales data.

The visualizations must meet several requirements:

• A Bar chart mat shows sales by product group is used m multiple sheets

• A KPI object that visualizes that the total amount of sales is used once

• A Treemap mat shows margin by product group is used one time inside a Container

What should be added to the master items library?

4. Several departments use an app. The business analyst needs to modify access to the sheets so that each department can access their sheets only.

What should me business analyst do?



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