New Fortinet FCP_WCS_AD-7.4 Exam Available – Upgrade Test of NSE6_WCS-7.0



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Fortinet has introduced a significant upgrade to its certification exams with the launch of FCP_WCS_AD-7.4, an advanced iteration of the NSE6_WCS-7.0 Fortinet NSE 6 - Cloud Security 7.0 for AWS. This new exam version reflects Fortinet's ongoing commitment to evolving with the rapid advancements in cloud security technology and best practices. With NSE6_WCS-7.0 set to retire on September 30, 2024, IT professionals and cloud security experts have a timely opportunity to validate their skills with the updated FCP_WCS_AD-7.4 exam.

Key Differences Between FCP_WCS_AD-7.4 and NSE6_WCS-7.0

The FCP_WCS_AD-7.4 exam presents several updates over its predecessor, focusing on the latest features and security measures in AWS environments.

Exam Structure and Time

NSE6_WCS-7.0 ExamFCP_WCS_AD-7.4 Exam
Duration: 60 minutes
Questions: 30 multiple-choice questions
Scoring: Pass or fail, with a score report available from Pearson VUE
Product Version: FortiGate 7.0, FortiWeb 6.3
Duration: 70 minutes
Questions: 35 multiple-choice questions
Scoring: Pass or fail, with a score report available from Pearson VUE
Product Version: FortiOS 7.4

The new FCP_WCS_AD-7.4 exam allows for more time and includes additional questions, enabling a comprehensive evaluation of the candidate's knowledge and skills in the latest cloud security protocols and Fortinet solutions.

Exam Topics Comparison

NSE6_WCS-7.0 Exam TopicsFCP_WCS_AD-7.4 Exam Topics
The NSE6_WCS-7.0 exam covers essential aspects of securing AWS environments and deploying Fortinet products within AWS. Key topics include:

Fundamentals of Securing AWS
Understanding AWS basic concepts and components
Describing traffic flow in AWS
Fortinet Solution for AWS
Explaining Fortinet solutions for AWS
Deploying Fortinet Products in AWS
Configuring HA using Fortinet CloudFormation templates
Configuring load balancers and autoscaling
Securing AWS cloud configurations
Integrating FortiGate with AWS SDN
The FCP_WCS_AD-7.4 exam builds upon the foundation of its predecessor with updated topics and expanded content to cover more recent developments in AWS and Fortinet technologies:
Public Cloud Fundamentals
Explaining AWS public cloud concepts
Identifying Fortinet solutions to secure the cloud
AWS Components
Identifying AWS networking components
Applying AWS security components
Describing traffic flow in AWS
Fortinet Product Deployment
Integrating Fortinet solutions in AWS
Deploying Web Application Firewall (WAF) in AWS
High Availability
Deploying HA in AWS
Configuring HA using Fortinet CloudFormation templates
Load Balancers and FortiCNF
Comparing load balancer types in AWS
Deploying FortiGate CNF (Cloud-Native Firewall)

Enhancements and Benefits

The FCP_WCS_AD-7.4 exam ensures that candidates are proficient in using the latest Fortinet solutions to secure AWS environments, reflecting real-world scenarios and advanced security challenges. The exam's focus on updated product versions, such as FortiOS 7.4, ensures that IT professionals are equipped with the knowledge to leverage the latest features and improvements in Fortinet's cloud security suite.

By including more detailed sections on AWS components, security measures, and the deployment of specific Fortinet solutions like FortiGate CNF and WAF, the FCP_WCS_AD-7.4 exam better prepares candidates to handle modern cloud security tasks and configurations. The added emphasis on high availability and load balancing techniques is crucial for maintaining robust and resilient cloud infrastructures.

The transition from NSE6_WCS-7.0 to FCP_WCS_AD-7.4 marks a significant step forward in Fortinet's certification offerings, providing IT professionals with the updated knowledge and skills necessary to excel in the ever-evolving field of cloud security. As cloud environments become more complex and security threats more sophisticated, the FCP_WCS_AD-7.4 exam ensures that certified professionals are well-prepared to meet these challenges head-on.

For those currently certified with NSE6_WCS-7.0, or those seeking to establish their expertise in AWS cloud security with Fortinet solutions, the FCP_WCS_AD-7.4 exam offers a comprehensive and up-to-date credential that underscores their proficiency and commitment to excellence in cloud security.


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