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Practicing with Linux+ XK0-005 exam dumps questions can help you build confidence and reduce exam anxiety. By familiarizing yourself with the types of questions you can expect to see on the XK0-005 CompTIA Linux+ Exam exam and mastering the concepts and skills required to answer them, you can approach the exam with greater confidence and a sense of calm. Besides, XK0-005 dumps questions can help you achieve this level of knowledge and confidence. Study free CompTIA XK0-005 exam dumps below.

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1. A user is asking the systems administrator for assistance with writing a script to verify whether a file exists.

Given the following:

Which of the following commands should replace the string?

2. A developer needs to launch an Nginx image container, name it Web001, and ex-pose port 8080 externally while mapping to port 80 inside the container.

Which of the following commands will accomplish this task?

3. A systems administrator made some changes in the ~/.bashrc file and added an alias command. When the administrator tried to use the alias command, it did not work.

Which of the following should be executed FIRST?

4. A systems administrator is troubleshooting a connectivity issue pertaining to access to a system named The system IP address should be

The administrator issues the dig command and receives the following output:

The administrator runs grep /etc/hosts and receives the following output:

Given this scenario, which of the following should the administrator do to address this issue?

5. A systems engineer is adding a new 1GB XFS filesystem that should be temporarily mounted under /ops/app.

Which of the following is the correct list of commands to achieve this goal?





6. The security team has identified a web service that is running with elevated privileges A Linux administrator is working to change the systemd service file to meet security compliance standards.

Given the following output:

Which of the following remediation steps will prevent the web service from running as a privileged user?

7. Rugged appliances are small appliances with ruggedized hardware and like Quantum Spark appliance they use which operating system?

8. A systems administrator is checking the system logs. The administrator wants to look at the last 20 lines of a log.

Which of the following will execute the command?

9. Which of the following will prevent non-root SSH access to a Linux server?

10. A cloud engineer needs to change the secure remote login port from 22 to 49000.

Which of the following files should the engineer modify to change the port number to the desired value?



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