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The A00-282 exam is hot, and passing it requires a deep understanding of SAS Institute solutions. Practicing with SAS Institute A00-282 dumps questions can help you reinforce your knowledge and increase your chances of passing the exam. A00-282 dumps are available to help you prepare for the A00-282 exam. Using A00-282 exam dumps questions is one effective way to supplement your study plan and increase your chances of success on exam day. Test free SAS Clinical Trials Programming A00-282 exam dumps below.

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1. Given the following SCORE data set:

Based on the concept of Last Observation Carried Forward, what will be the value for SCORE for the Week 12 -

2. Given the data set HE:

What will the values be of variable HOSPDURD for the two subjects?

3. Given the following two data sets EX and AE:

Which output data set is produced by the submitted SAS program?

4. Given the SAS data set WORK.BP

What is the result?

5. This question will ask you to provide a line of missing code.

Given the following demography (DM) data set sorted by site with character variables SUBJID, SITE, SEX, RACE and numeric variables ENROLLDAT and DOB:

The following SAS program is submitted:

%macro p_demog(bylist, varlist, statlist=);

proc sort out=dm;

by &bylist;

proc means data=dm;

by &bylist;

var &varlist;

output out=stats &statlist;


%mend p_demog;

Which call to the p_demog macro provides only the MEAN of AGE by SEX into the output dataset STATS?

6. Given the following complete dataset (WORK.TESTDM) with the variables USUBJID (character) and AGE (numeric):

The following code is executed:

proc sql;

select age into: age separated by ','

from testdm;


What is the value of the macro variable AGE?

7. You are working on validating the ADSL data set which contains the variables subject, sex, age, birth date, baseline height, and baseline weight. These variables are brought in from SDTM, and you derive new variables baseline BMI (from baseline height and weight) and age categorization (from age).

You get the following in the SAS log:

To reconcile this difference, which variable values will be most helpful to provide to the production programmer?

8. The following SAS program is submitted:

%let Av=age;

%macro LABD(Av=weight);

%let Av=gend; %mend;


%put Av is &Av;

What will be written to the SAS log?

9. The PROC SGPLOT step below needs to be modified to format the values on the horizontal axis.

proc sgplot data = work.adlb;

histogram AVAL;


Which statement CANNOT be used to format the values due to a syntax error?

10. The first six (6) records from the LABS data set are shown below:

The following SAS program is written to reshape this data set and place it in a new data set named LBTR.

proc transpose data=labs out=lbtr(rename = (col1 = value));

by subjid sampldat;

var Calcium Glucose Hemoglobin;


Which of the following DATA steps produces a data set that is equivalent to the LBTR data set created by the PROC TRANSPOSE step above?



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