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The C_ARSUM_2308 exam is hot, and passing it requires a deep understanding of SAP solutions. Practicing with SAP C_ARSUM_2308 dumps questions can help you reinforce your knowledge and increase your chances of passing the exam. C_ARSUM_2308 dumps are available to help you prepare for the C_ARSUM_2308 exam. Using C_ARSUM_2308 exam dumps questions is one effective way to supplement your study plan and increase your chances of success on exam day. Test free SAP Certified Application Associate C_ARSUM_2308 exam dumps below.

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1. Your customer does not currently have any of the SAP Ariba Supplier Management Portfolio solutions and wants to add SAP Ariba Supplier Lifecycle and Performance.

Which step is required to complete this process?.

2. Which of the following components can supplier risk managers modify in the risk exposure configuration interface? Note: There are 3 correct answer’s to this question

3. Which content type within a survey provides the most granular scores when mapped to a KPI?

4. Which options does SAP Ariba Supplier Lifecycle and Performance support for processing supplier registrations? Note: There are 3 correct answer’s to this question

5. Your customer wants to ask a different set of questions for supplier qualifications in North America, South America, and Europe.

How do you configure these questions in your customer's Supplier Qualification Project template?

6. Your customer leaves a survey-based KPI unmapped in the Supplier Performance Management template.

How will this impact their process?

7. Your customer wants suppliers to include hyphens between segments of their contact phone numbers when completing the external registration questionnaire.

Which option do you recommend?

8. A supplier is invited to start a qualification.

Which activity does the supplier perform first before appearing in Qualified status?

9. Your customer wants to include a system group or project group in the approval flow for a new supplier.

Which of the following is a limitation with a simple approval rule for SAP Ariba templates?

10. While reviewing a supplier request, an approver determines that there is not enough information to make an approval decision.

Which option does the approver have to obtain this information?



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