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The Certified CPQ Specialist exam is hot, and passing it requires a deep understanding of Salesforce solutions. Practicing with Salesforce Certified CPQ Specialist dumps questions can help you reinforce your knowledge and increase your chances of passing the exam. Certified CPQ Specialist dumps are available to help you prepare for the Certified CPQ Specialist exam. Using Certified CPQ Specialist exam dumps questions is one effective way to supplement your study plan and increase your chances of success on exam day. Test free CPQ Specialist Certified CPQ Specialist exam dumps below.

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1. Universal Containers has a Quote that contains a Quote Line associated to an Asset Product in addition to another Quote Line.

Which property must be present on the additional Quote Line to create a Subscribed Asset at the time of Contract generation?

2. What are two ways Salesforce CPQ Advanced Approvals support obtaining apprgvat from a group in a single Approval Steps? Choose 2 answers

3. Given the Discount Schedule and pricing details of the Cloud Storage Product, what is the calculated Regular Unit Price for the Quote Line?

Quote line field values:

* List price: $100

* Quantity: 5

Discount Schedule field values:

* Type: Slab

* Discount Unit: Percent

4. At Universal Containers, each storage container is configured as a bundle. An important property of the bundle is cubic volume. The volume selected at the bundle level must match the volume of every Product Option.

Which two actions must the Admin take to allow a sales rep to choose a volume that will apply to all Product Options? Choose 2 answers

5. Universal Containers has a slab Discount Schedule for Product A with these Discount Tiers:

If Product A has a List Price of $100.00, what is the Net Total for a Quote Line with the quantity of 21?

6. "UC wants to show a custom text field on their Quote Document. This field with API name Additional_Text__c already exists and is located on the Quote object.

What is the correct syntax to insert this into an HTML Template Content?

7. Universal Containers wants to quote a product that will persist until the customer cancels the subscription.

How should the admin set up this product so all downstream processes create perpetual subscriptions?

8. Universal Containers sells Tiny Boxes for $0,005 each. Tiny Boxes are Non Discountable.

How should the admin set the decimal precision for the unit price7

9. Universal Containers sells a bundle Product which contains many Features and Options. Users report that the bundle is difficult to configure due to a significant amount of scrolling to find the desired Features and Options.

What are three ways the Admin can adjust the design of this bundle to reduce scrolling in configuration? Choose 3 answers

10. Universal Containers wants to update the Quantity of a Product in the Line Editor with a Price Rule. The rule should apply only for this one specific Product.

What should the Admin do to ensure that the Price Rule only changes Quote Lines referencing this Product?



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