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The Health Cloud Accredited Professional exam is hot, and passing it requires a deep understanding of Salesforce solutions. Practicing with Salesforce Health Cloud Accredited Professional dumps questions can help you reinforce your knowledge and increase your chances of passing the exam. Health Cloud Accredited Professional dumps are available to help you prepare for the Health Cloud Accredited Professional exam. Using Health Cloud Accredited Professional exam dumps questions is one effective way to supplement your study plan and increase your chances of success on exam day. Test free Salesforce Health Cloud Health Cloud Accredited Professional exam dumps below.

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1. Which format is acceptable for intelligent document automation upload?

2. Which of the following Salesforce and Health Cloud objects can be used to represent Provider and their relationship in a Provider Management data model? (Choose Three.)

3. Makana Pharmaceutical is planning to run a Patient support program on Health Cloud. A System Administrator has been tasked to ensure the platform encryption has been configured. The patient’s name is stored on firstname and lastname fields on the person account record. Firstname and Lastname field have been identified as holding PHI (Personal Health Information) data. They are also important search criteria commonly used by Users to find a patient record. The Compliance team has indicated that all PHI Data must be encrypted at rest.

What is the best practice for platform encryption configuration for this solution?

4. Which step is recommended to be completed before migrating from Service Cloud to HC?

5. Which Three items can be a Life Science company track about a Care Programs using Program Management? (Choose Three)

6. Which three options explain why the new clinical data model in Health Cloud is labeled as FHIR aligned and not FHIR compliant? (Choose three)

7. Bloomiington Caregivers would like to display patient information from both Salesforce standard objects and data from an external system.

Which three Health Cloud features should a consultant recommend the company use to display this on the patient record page?

8. In which three ways does Health cloud meet compliance and regulatory requirements? (Choose three.)

9. In which two ways can a Data Architect ensure PHI/PII data visibility is minimized during the migration of Patient Data from an existing Service Cloud org to a new HC org? (Choose 2)

10. A Salesforce Admin wants to create tasks within a Care Plan that is related to a specific problem or goal.

Which three different locations in the Health Cloud console can be used to create tasks related to a specific problem or goal within a Care Plan? (Choose three.)



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