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If you are serious about passing your Citrix 1Y0-241 certification exam, practicing with 1Y0-241 dumps questions is an essential step in your preparation process. These 1Y0-241 dumps will help you assess your knowledge, identify your strengths and weaknesses, and improve your chances of passing the exam on the first try. So why wait? Start practicing today and give yourself the best possible chance of success! Test free 1Y0-241 exam dumps questions below.

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1. Scenario: A Citrix Administrator entered the configuration below:

> add rewrite policy pol_external_to_internal 'http.req.hostname.server.eq("host_name_of_external_Web_server")' act_external_to_internal

Which two possible rewrite actions can the administrator choose when a rewrite policy evaluates to TRUE? (Choose two.)

2. Scenario: A Citrix Administrator configured SNMP to send traps to an external SNMP system. When reviewing the messages, the administrator notices several entity UP and entity DOWN messages.

To what are these messages related?

3. Scenario: A Citrix Administrator executed the following commands on the Citrix ADC:

> add policy dataset Admin_group ipv4

> bind policy dataset Admin_group Cindex 11

> bind policy dataset Admin_group Cindex 12

> bind policy Admin_group Cindex 13

> add responder policy POL_1



> bind lb vServer lb_vsrv_www CpolicyName POL_1 Cpriority 100 CgotoPriorityExpression END Ctype


What will be the effect of these commands?

4. Scenario: A Citrix Administrator needs to create local, limited-privilege user accounts for other administrators.

The other administrators will require only:

Read-only access

The ability to enable and disable services and servers

Which built-in command policy permission level can the administrator use?

5. Which Citrix ADC monitor can a Citrix Administrator use to check the authentication service of the Active Directory (AD) domain controller?

6. A Citrix Administrator needs to configure a rate-limiting policy setting DNS requests to a threshold of 1,000 per second.

Which command does the administrator need to run to correctly configure this policy?

7. To improve page-rendering time a Citrix Administrator needs to overcome the connection limitation by enabling client browsers to simultaneously download more resources.

What should the administrator enable while configuring the front end optimization (FEO) feature?

8. Scenario: A Citrix Administrator needs to configure a Responder policy, so that the string “/mytraining” is added to every URL path received.

The administrator should use these commands to accomplish this:

>add responder action Redirect_Act redirect “HTTP.REQ.URL.PATH_AND_QUERY+”mytraining”” C responseStatusCode 302

>add responder policy Redirect_Pol___________Redirect_Act

>bind lb vServer lb_vsrv_www CpolicyName Redirect_Pol Cpriority 100 CgotoPriorityExpression END C type_______

(Choose the correct option to complete the set of commands.)

9. Scenario: A Citrix Administrator needs to improve website loading speed. End users are reporting slow GIF

image rendering speeds as they scroll down a website, which affects overall page load time.

Which Citrix ADC feature can the administrator enable to improve website performance?

10. To protect an environment against Hash DoS attacks, which two configurations can a Citrix Administrator use to block all post requests that are larger than 10,000 bytes? (Choose two.)



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