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If you are serious about passing your HP HPE0-V14 certification exam, practicing with HPE0-V14 dumps questions is an essential step in your preparation process. These HPE0-V14 dumps will help you assess your knowledge, identify your strengths and weaknesses, and improve your chances of passing the exam on the first try. So why wait? Start practicing today and give yourself the best possible chance of success! Test free HPE0-V14 exam dumps questions below.

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A customer needs a new environment to support an ERP system.

The sizing information you received shows the following requirements:

✑ 3 servers with: quad processors, 256 GB RAM, and 10Gb dual-port NICs

✑ 10 TB of high performance shared storage

✑ cloud-based performance monitoring and analytics

The customer prefers rack mounted equipment.

Identify the components that will meet the customer requirements, then drag the correct components on the left to their appropriate location in the environment on the right.

2. You need to install 10 HPE ProLiant servers in an environment without DHCP.

Which tool can you use to set up remote management?


You need to review a warning on a Nimble storage array.

Click on the menu option that displays this information.


Match the feature to the lowest iLO5 license in which it is available

5. You are troubleshooting a HPE ProLiant rack-mount server. You notice that all front-panel status LEDs flash simultaneously.

What does this indicate has occurred on the server?

6. A customer has implemented an HPE ProLiant server with internal storage and needs to monitor the array health status.

Which management application can the customer use to discover errors quickly and minimize the possible downtime?

7. You are validating a configuration prior to quoting it for the customer.

You plan to propose the following configuration:

✑ Two HPE DL380 Gen10 servers with dual processors, 256GB of memory, dual 10Gb NICs, SN1100Q 16Gb dual port FC HBA, dual 800W power supplies, and high temperature fan kit

✑ HPE Nimble HF20H with 11TB storage, 960GB of cache, dual port 10GbE NIC, and 16Gb dual port FC adapter kit

✑ Two SN3000B FC Switches

Which tool should you use to verify firmware compatibility between the storage and server components in this proposed solution?

8. A customer needs to move from their traditional tape-based backup infrastructure to a standalone application to disk based backup solution using HPE StoreOnce. The environment does not use a hypervisor.

The customer has the following goals for their long-term backup retention:

✑ retain data for over two years at low cost

✑ data is archival and rarely accessed, if ever

Which HPE StoreOnce components can help meet the customer goals in the most cost effective manner? (Choose three.)

9. In which layer of the OSI model would you find an IP address?

10. Exhibit:

Which HPE ProLiant Server meets the customer's requirements?

Which HPE ProLiant Server meets the customer's requirements?



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