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If you are serious about passing your Fortinet NSE7_OTS-7.2 certification exam, practicing with NSE7_OTS-7.2 dumps questions is an essential step in your preparation process. These NSE7_OTS-7.2 dumps will help you assess your knowledge, identify your strengths and weaknesses, and improve your chances of passing the exam on the first try. So why wait? Start practicing today and give yourself the best possible chance of success! Test free NSE7_OTS-7.2 exam dumps questions below.

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1. What triggers Layer 2 polling of infrastructure devices connected in the network?

2. Which three Fortinet products can you use for device identification in an OT industrial control system (ICS)? (Choose three.)

3. An OT supervisor needs to protect their network by implementing security with an industrial signature database on the FortiGate device.

Which statement about the industrial signature database on FortiGate is true?

4. An OT network consists of multiple FortiGate devices. The edge FortiGate device is deployed as the secure gateway and is only allowing remote operators to access the ICS networks on site. Management hires a third-party company to conduct health and safety on site. The third-party company must have outbound access to external resources.

As the OT network administrator, what is the best scenario to provide external access to the third-party company while continuing to secure the ICS networks?

5. Refer to the exhibit.

You are assigned to implement a remote authentication server in the OT network.

Which part of the hierarchy should the authentication server be part of?

6. An OT supervisor has configured LDAP and FSSO for the authentication. The goal is that all the users be authenticated against passive authentication first and, if passive authentication is not successful, then users should be challenged with active authentication.

What should the OT supervisor do to achieve this on FortiGate?

7. Refer to the exhibit.

PLC-3 and CLIENT can send traffic to PLC-1 and PLC-2. FGT-2 has only one software switch (SSW-1) connecting both PLC-3 and CLIENT. PLC-3 and CLIENT can send traffic to each other at the Layer 2 level.

What must the OT admin do to prevent Layer 2-level communication between PLC-3 and CLIENT?

8. When device profiling rules are enabled, which devices connected on the network are evaluated by the device profiling rules?

9. Refer to the exhibit.

In order for a FortiGate device to act as router on a stick, what configuration must an OT network architect implement on FortiGate to achieve inter-VLAN routing?

10. In a wireless network integration, how does FortiNAC obtain connecting MAC address information?



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