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By practicing with PSK-I exam-like questions, you can identify areas where you may need to focus your studies. Scrum PSK-I dumps can help you create a more targeted study plan and avoid wasting time studying topics you already know well. Taking PSK-I dumps can help you get used to the format and structure of the real exam. PSK-I dumps can help you feel more comfortable and confident on exam day, which can improve your chances of success. Practice Scrum PSK-I exam free dumps below.

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1. In what ways does Kanban enhance the Scrum Team's ability to deliver value? (choose the best two answers)

2. Which of the following best describes Kanban? (choose the best answer)

3. Who is accountable for the Definition of Workflow for the Sprint Backlog? (Choose the best answer)

4. Which one of the following concepts does the Just-In-Time (JIT) method advocate? (choose the best answer)

5. Which is the LEAST accurate description of Cycle Time? (choose the best answer)

6. What can happen if the Scrum Team's Work In Progress (WIP) Limit is not honored? (choose the best answer)

7. True or False: In Scrum, the Developers are required to conform to the Definition of Done. When adding Kanban to Scrum, they will also need to conform to their Definition of Workflow.

8. True or False: Professional Scrum with Kanban can be used without Work in Progress (WIP) Limits. (choose the best answer)

9. What can a specific work item's Cycle Time metric be used for? (choose the best three answers)

10. For teams practicing Scrum with Kanban, which of the following can provide the most appropriate metrics for inspecting their flow? (choose the best answer)



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