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Media Cloud Consultant exam dumps questions are designed to simulate the actual exam. This means that you will get a feel for the types of questions you can expect to see on the exam, as well as the format and difficulty level. In addition, Salesforce Consultant Media Cloud Consultant dumps are often accompanied by detailed explanations and answers. This means that if you get a question wrong, you can learn from your mistake and understand why the correct answer is the right one. Test free online Media Cloud Consultant exam dumps below.

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1. In digital ad sales, which set of objects does a consultant need to configure and how many records are needed under the object to form a relationship where one program is shown on five mobile apps?

2. A B2B advertising publishing company is exploring Salesforce to manage its advertising sales business, track sales orders, and measure effectiveness of advertising. They have decided to use Advertising Sales Management (ASM) applicationlicenses. However, they are unsure about the additional products they need to purchase.

Which two mandatory add-on products should a consultant recommend in this scenario?

3. A media publisher is using advertising sales managment (ASM) to manage their B2B ad sales business and has decided to use google ad manager (GAM). which two actions should a consultant perform before testing the GAM integration?

4. When using advertising sales managment (ASM), what are the two reccomended ways to integrate with google ad manage (GAM) to retrieve information, such as inventory managment, or to publish a campaign to GAM?

5. Users receive an “apex CPU limit exceeded” error when running the advertising sales management flow omniscript in a salesforce experience site. The omniscript includes an integration procedure that contains multiple data raptors.

In which two areas within omnistudio should a consultant check to troubleshoot this issue?

6. A customer is using media cloud and they need to report on how well a digital advertising campaign is performing. The company is using google ad manager as one of their primary data sources.

Which product should a consultant implement to analyze campaign performance?

7. What are three media cloud record types for the account object?

8. A CTO of a B2B advertising publishing company asked an administrator who worked on making the media cloud application live, for their help in monitoring the real-time information on system performance and security. Where can the administratot find this information?

9. A publisher is working with agents, which is Home's agency, to advertise Home's products.

How should a Consultant create and relate these records in Advertising Sales Management (ASM)?

10. A publisher wants to know which products have low reception with the customers. However, the publisher is having a hard time analyzing the data because opportunities reflect only the sold products, excluding products which were once part of an opportunity but were later dropped.

What should a consultant ensure is included in the design so that sellers can store and access different versions of the proposed media plan and its line items?



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