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Data Cloud Consultant dumps questions can help you identify areas where you need to focus your studies. As you answer questions, you will be able to see which topics you are comfortable with and which ones you need to spend more time studying. Salesforce Data Cloud Consultant dumps questions provide realistic practice for the certification exam. Data Cloud Consultant dumps are designed to simulate the actual exam environment, and they will give you a chance to practice answering questions under time pressure. Study free Salesforce Data Cloud Consultant online dumps below.

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1. Which two objects or fields are supported for ingestion using the Salesforce CRM connector?

2. An organization wants to enable users with the ability to identify and select text attributes from a picklist of options.

Which Data Cloud feature can help with this use case?

3. How does Identity Resolution select attributes for Unified Individuals when there is conflicting information in the Data Model?

4. Which three components of Data Cloud can be bundled within a Data Kit?

5. When can the data types be changed during ingestion?

6. To import campaign members into a campaign in CRM a user wants to export the segment to Amazon S3. The resulting file needs to include CRM Campaign ID in the name.

How can this outcome be achieved?

7. What does it mean to build a trust-based, first-party data asset?

8. How does an administrator increase the consolidation rate for Identity Resolution?

9. What is a DMO called if it inherits the name, shape, and semantics of the reference object?

10. Which method should an administrator use when performing aggregations in windows of 15 minutes on data collected via the Interactions SDK and Mobile SDK?



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