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FCSS_SASE_AD-23 dumps questions can help you identify areas where you need to focus your studies. As you answer questions, you will be able to see which topics you are comfortable with and which ones you need to spend more time studying. Fortinet FCSS_SASE_AD-23 dumps questions provide realistic practice for the certification exam. FCSS_SASE_AD-23 dumps are designed to simulate the actual exam environment, and they will give you a chance to practice answering questions under time pressure. Study free Fortinet FCSS_SASE_AD-23 online dumps below.

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1. How does FortiSASE hide user information when viewing and analyzing logs?

2. A customer wants to upgrade their legacy on-premises proxy to a could-based proxy for a hybrid network.

Which FortiSASE features would help the customer to achieve this outcome?

3. When accessing the FortiSASE portal for the first time, an administrator must select data center locations for which three FortiSASE components? (Choose three.)

4. An organization wants to block all video and audio application traffic but grant access to videos from CNN.

Which application override action must you configure in the Application Control with Inline-CASB?

5. 1.Refer to the exhibits.

A FortiSASE administrator has configured an antivirus profile in the security profile group and applied it to the internet access policy. Remote users are still able to download the file from Traffic logs show traffic is allowed by the policy.

Which configuration on FortiSASE is allowing users to perform the download?

6. Which role does FortiSASE play in supporting zero trust network access (ZTNA) principles9

7. You are designing a new network for Company X and one of the new cybersecurity policy requirements is that all remote user endpoints must always be connected and protected.

Which FortiSASE component facilitates this always-on security measure?

8. Which two deployment methods are used to connect a FortiExtender as a FortiSASE LAN extension? (Choose two.)

9. Refer to the exhibits.

A FortiSASE administrator is trying to configure FortiSASE as a spoke to a FortiGate hub. The tunnel is up to the FortiGale hub. However, the administrator is not able to ping the webserver hosted behind the FortiGate hub.

Based on the output, what is the reason for the ping failures?



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