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To help prepare for the 156-215.81 exam, you may want to consider using 156-215.81 exam dumps questions. These questions are designed to test your knowledge and understanding of the topics covered on the exam. The more you practice answering 156-215.81 dumps questions, the more comfortable you will become with the exam format and the types of questions you can expect to see. 156-215.81 dumps can help reduce anxiety on exam day and improve your chances of success. Go and test free 156-215.81 exam dumps questions here.

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1. Fill in the blank: Each cluster, at a minimum, should have at least ___________ interfaces.

2. What are the three main components of Check Point security management architecture?

3. Check Point ClusterXL Active/Active deployment is used when:

4. Using ClusterXL, what statement is true about the Sticky Decision Function?

5. Which option will match a connection regardless of its association with a VPN community?

6. Which single Security Blade can be turned on to block both malicious files from being downloaded as well as block websites known to host malware?

7. Identity Awareness lets an administrator easily configure network access and auditing based on three items Choose the correct statement.

8. Which of the following cannot be configured in an Access Role Object?

9. What is the Transport layer of the TCP/IP model responsible for?

10. Fill in the blank: The position of an implied rule is manipulated in the __________________ window.



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