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To help prepare for the 300-810 exam, you may want to consider using 300-810 exam dumps questions. These questions are designed to test your knowledge and understanding of the topics covered on the exam. The more you practice answering 300-810 dumps questions, the more comfortable you will become with the exam format and the types of questions you can expect to see. 300-810 dumps can help reduce anxiety on exam day and improve your chances of success. Go and test free 300-810 exam dumps questions here.

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1. Refer to the exhibit.

An administrator troubleshoots push notifications, and Cisco TAC requests the trace files from the cluster. From which location should the files be collected?

2. The persistent chat feature is configured in a Cisco Jabber deployment that is running Cisco Unified IM and Presence 11.5 SU6 Desktop clients are working but mobile clients are not displaying persistent chats.

Which configuration Is necessary to enable the Jabber persistent chat feature on mobile devices?

3. Refer to the exhibit.

After receiving a new desk phone, the Jabber user can no longer make calls via phone control. The help desk collected the user’s Jabber problem report and verified that they the correct Cisco UCM CTI permissions.

Which configuration must be changed to correct this issue?

4. Users report that they are unable to check voicemail. and an engineer discovers that the voicemail system is not routing calls between Cisco Unity Connection and Cisco UCM via SCCP.

Which action should be taken to resolve this issue?

5. Refer to the exhibit.

Cisco UCM is integrated with Cisco Unity connection via a SIP truck and is configured using a globalized dial plan (directory number are configured with “*”).

Using cisco best practices, which implementation allows call transfers to internal directory numbers but not to PSTN numbers?

6. An administrator is configuring digital networking between Cisco Unity Connection clusters.

What are two requirements for the configuration? {Choose two.)

end-user credentials

7. What are two Cisco Jabber 12.6 on-premises deployment types that can be run on a Windows-enabled PC? (Choose two.)

8. Refer to the exhibit.

Which two steps resolve the “Users with Duplicate User IDs” message? (Choose two.)

9. What are two characteristics of Smart Card Authentication for Cisco UC Applications? (Choose two.)

10. Which two authentication methods does Integrated Windows Authentication use to validate Windows credentials? (Choose two.)



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