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To help prepare for the C1000-137 exam, you may want to consider using C1000-137 exam dumps questions. These questions are designed to test your knowledge and understanding of the topics covered on the exam. The more you practice answering C1000-137 dumps questions, the more comfortable you will become with the exam format and the types of questions you can expect to see. C1000-137 dumps can help reduce anxiety on exam day and improve your chances of success. Go and test free C1000-137 exam dumps questions here.

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1. Which type of media can be used in a traditional storage pool?

2. Which methods can be used to automate administrative tasks in IBM Spectrum Protect? (Select two)

3. Tiering in IBM Spectrum Protect refers to which of the following?

4. Cloud tiering configuration via the Command Line or the Operations Center in IBM Spectrum Protect is aimed at what?

5. What is a crucial step in configuring IBM Spectrum Protect for Virtual Environments?

(Select two)

6. When setting up secure communications for IBM Spectrum Protect, what is an important step?

7. What does data expiration mean in the context of IBM Spectrum Protect?

8. The Client Acceptor Daemon (CAD) in IBM Spectrum Protect is used for what purpose?

9. In IBM Spectrum Protect, what is the primary function of a tape library?

10. What is a goal of implementing Enterprise Configuration Management in IBM Spectrum Protect?



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